A Personal Planner To Help Me Invest In The Right Properties

August 22, 2011

Wedding Preparations

Wedding Preparations

In a recent communication with a property agent, he asked me “where are you investing now?” and advised that I get ready to “shop like mad when the economy goes hay wire”.

I am not an investment specialist, and my immediate response was “I am going to invest in myself; spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially and in learning new skills – whatever the economy.”

These will be my properties, they will only appreciate in value and are not subjected to external forces or “corrections”.

Rewind: a few weeks I had a conversation with a colleague. He got engaged recently and was getting ready for Big M.  We chattered and the topic inevitably turned to the lack of time to prepare for the wedding. So much to do, so little time.

I think you can identify with my friend here. Some people spend a year ahead of time to prepare for every aspect of this very special day in their lives.

They are often so drained and stressed that the relationship pays a price for the glamorous event. I guess that’s why we have wedding planners to help take the stress out of the occasion.

Now press the “Pause button”. Do you hear of people talking about Marriage Planner? I hope I am not getting into trouble with young couples here but so often it seems that so much more time and focus is given to the event of wedding while little time and energy is left to build the relationship and the foundation for entering into marriage.

Let’s look around us. People are willing to spend thousands of dollars on slimming programs, surgeries, designer outfits, killer gadgets and toys but not many will spend on building themselves. What happened to personal goals and plans? Perhaps that’s for the January resolutions.

Now Press Play.  So where will you invest in these times? In something that is external, uncertain and is quite out of your control or in something that is well within your control and bring you inner satisfaction and strength?

We have heard of people who inherit or make lots of money can use or lose it all very quickly.  And they are back where they were. Because they have not learned how to manage themselves.

Conversely smart business men (like Donald Trump) can lose all and start all over again and still win – because he has the skills, the discipline, the know how. External economy or even robbery and schemes of vices for that matter can take away some external stuff but it cannot take away what’s inside of you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for fun but I think we need to take a step back and give much more attention to things that matters; though they may not be as flashy.

Your thoughts? I like to hear your point of view.

By the way, I will be getting another coach this Fall as I get involved in more coaching and training and expanding my online business. Why? I can only give as long as I have the resources and am improving myself continuously. To be able to give my best, I have to BE my best.

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Seek To Be Right, Not Just Legal

July 2, 2011

What you see may be deceiving - straight or curve?

What you see may be deceiving - straight or curve? Image from www.eyetrickcs.com

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?

Answer: Four.

Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.
Quote from President Abraham Lincoln.

The lesson? Check your “facts”. Do not take what others say at face value.

Everyday we are presented with other’s perception and their interpretation of events and situations under the influence of what they choose to believe.

And what they choose to believe is sometimes based on either their unique experiences or what they want to convey.

We must remember that these remain as others’ view which sometimes may represent something quite different from what actually “is”.

At times it may also only include a portion of the entirety that “is”.

The picture presented will therefore not be complete or at best distorted and can often be quite different from what actually took place.

You May See Something Quite Different If You Look Carefully From Another Angle

You May See Something Quite Different If You Look Carefully From Another Angle. Image from www.eyetricks.com

That the same thing mean differently to different people is not new to us.

But it is disturbing to note how some can hold a stretched out interpretation of events so much so that it presents an interpretation that can be quite the opposite of what actually took place.

I am amazed but disturbed by how some scammy organisation do this “legally” and get away with deceiving the general public.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, do seek help ad talk about it. Not talking it will not help.

To businesses and organizations: being merely legal is not enough if it is about what one can get away with. Calling a tail a leg will not make it a leg. Ethics is about what is right and honourable.

I would that all will seek to be beyond just legal but to truly seek to add value to others.

The picture on the left shows a face at first glance. On closer look you will see the work “Liar”.

Do exercise some caution if you “feel” that something may be amiss.

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Being Positive Does Not Mean Everything Is Fine

June 19, 2011

Discern Right From Wrong

Discern Right From Wrong

We hear a lot being said about positive thinking and focusing on what’s working.

So do we focus on what’s working and not rock the boat even when there are clear violation, disrespect and abuse?

While I am an advocate of being positive and focusing on what’s working, I want to talk about giving what’s not working due attention.

Not because we want to focus on the negative but because we want to learn from it, to improve from it and to warn others of its danger and cost.

There are times when not giving feedback, not voicing out on what’s wrong and not “complaining” (in order to seek help) will not do you or anyone else any good.  These are inconvenient and painful decisions.

If you are feeling strongly uncomfortable about something and if you are bothered at a fundamental level, you should talk to someone about it.

Do not try to push all non-positive thought away by thinking that these are bad. They are not. As there is light so there is darkness, just as there is day and night. Not all things (and all encounters) are positive and fine.

We are given the faculty of the mind to discern between right and wrong. If you feel strongly about something at the gut level, think through it. See if there are objective facts and seek a second opinion if you have to.

But do not push doubts and negative feedback away because you think all complaints are bad. Sometimes, not giving timely feedback is just as bad.

If you have learned a lesson, you want to warn others about it. You have the responsibility really.

Note: Making your experience bear a positive outcome does not mean that all experiences are positive and certainly not all things are “good’ and “positive”.  We still need to use our discernment.

And we certainly need to alert others of the things that are not right and harmful so they do no suffer unnecessarily.all non-positive thought

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