4 Common Facebook Fan Page Mistakes

August 10, 2011

4 Common Facebook Fan Page Mistakes To Avoid

4 Common Facebook Fan Page Mistakes To Avoid

We often rush into things before careful consideration before hand. Wanting to build a Facebook Fan Page is one instance.

In trying to get your Facebook Fan Page up some common mistakes are committed – and you want to avoid those.

Otherwise your activities will be counter productive and a waste of your time.

So before you jump onto posting and inviting people to your Fan Page, have a read and let me know what you think. You can click on the report below or enjoy reading What Not To Do With Your Facebook Fanpage with larger fonts by clicking on this link.

4 Things To Avoid When Using Your Facebook Page

So what do you think? Love to hear your feedback and remember to “Like” it if you find it inspirational. I did a similar post on What Not To Do With Your Fan Page here – let me know which version of publication your prefer!

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Do You Like To Share What You Find Helpful?

March 1, 2011

Updates with Louisa Chan

Updates with Louisa Chan

Ok, Facebook is phasing out the “Share” button on third party application and is making “Like” function like a “Share”.

Don’t worry if you know what I am saying here, I will show you what I mean in just a minute.

For a while now, Facebook has made available social buttons (“Share” and “Like”) that works with third party applications (much like the retweet button for twitter) facilitating sharing of quality information.

This enables readers to share information they find helpful to their friends – instead of having to email them the link or copy and share the link on the different social media platforms.

It used to be that when we click “Share” this will share the content of the post on your Facebook profile wall. And if you click “Like” there will be a feed on your Facebook profile that says you liked a certain post on some sites external to Facebook.

Now if you click on “Like” it is functioning like a “Share” and the “Share” button will soon fade. Here’s what I mean, if you see this “Like” buttons on websites (they are everywhere), you can click on them to show that this is a post you enjoy reading or that there is value to this content.

Facebook Like Has Function Of Sharing

Facebook Like Has Function Of Sharing

This post will now show up on your profile wall – if you are logged onto Facebook when you like this post.

Sharing Facebook Like

Sharing Facebook Like

I discovered this accidentally when I saw a new post on my my facebook profile wall. Then I saw the official update from facebook here. I hear different response to this recent change but essentially this is what is happening.

So what do you think? Do you like this change?  My guess is that some will; some may not ..

Either way, if you want your friends and contacts to be aware of this change, feel free to click on the “Like” button either above this post or click the “Like” button just below this post. I like to be an informed user, and I am sure there are some out there who would like to keep tabs on changes too.

If you like to be kept informed of regular relevant updates, you are invited to sign up for my free newsletters here or to join me on Facebook – there is just so many changes and updates both from Google and Facebook just this past week that I have not written about them individually here. However, I have links to these updates and changes on the Facebook Page.

Ok, more updates coming, stay tuned.

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How To Change View Settings On Facebook

February 24, 2011

Updates with Louisa Chan

Updates with Louisa Chan

If you have not heard yet, the Facebook has recently reset your views to see only posts by those you recently interacted with.

That means you will not be seeing updates and posts from those whom you have not ‘liked’ or commented on although you may be reading their posts.

This also mean that your friends will not be seeing your posts and updates unless they have commented on or liked your feeds.

To rectify that I made a 2-minute video to show you step by step how you can rectify this. For those who prefer to go straight to Facebook to make the change, these 2 diagrams will help walk you through it.

Log onto your profile account, choose “Home” and scroll all the way down until you see “Edit Options”.

Fixing Facebook Newsfeed Views

Fixing Facebook Newsfeed Views

Click on “Edit Options” and change your settings.

Change Settings For Facebook Newsfeed Views

Change Settings For Facebook Newsfeed Views

Easy peasy! Now you can see all the pages you have subscribed to as well as all the posts of your friends.  You may want to share this with your friends too in case they are wondering why the Facebook world has gone silent on them.

If you prefer a quick video walk through, here’s a quick fix for Facebook Newsfeed
. Feel free to leave me a comment and pass this on.

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