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Free Marketing Consult

We offer consultation and marketing services to help you get more traffic from local searches as well as mobile and social media platforms.

[S3VIDEO file=’freeline/lms/Case4LMS.mp4′ bgimage=’’ height=’220′ sitemap=’true’ thumbnail=’’ redirect=’’ wmode=’transparent’]Free Marketing Consult for Small Businesses

Tired of not having enough clients even though you know your services and products are excellent? Want to tap into ready market on local, mobile and social platform but don’t want have a lot of time or resources? This short video will explain the different options you have for driving target traffic to your store or business center.

Head over to this site for a Free Marketing Consult for Small Businesses and we’ll have options that you can use right away to bring in the traffic.

Information Products

1 -How To Relief Your Stress Naturally In 3 Simple Steps – where other Stress Management Resources have failed

Workable Stress Relief Tips For You

Finally an audio file recorded with 3 simple steps to help you reduce your stress – where other stress management books and workshops have failed. There’s even a simple exercise to walk you through these steps.
This is a recorded during a live seminar to observe the National Stress Awareness Day.  Introductory price at $17USD for a limited time only.

This is a digital product which can be downloaded instantly upon succesful payment, it comes with your stress relief chart.

2 – eBook with Downloadable Audio File
7 Effective Tips For Stress Free 7 Effective Tips For Stress-Free Living

This is your digital book with each step spelled out for easy reference and practical implementation.

With this digital book offer, you also have access to download a 30-minute audio file so you can play it on your mp3 player when you are on the road on on the treadmill. This also gives you another mode of input.

3 – Home Study Format (Audio and Text)
Stress-Free In 30 Days Home Study Format - Just Sign In Enjoy Success Without The Stress Click on the Image and you will be brought to the Home Study Offer after you sign in to the priority notification list.

This Home Study consists of 4 audio files with pdf text guides to help you master basic principles of stress management.

4 – Solutions To Manage Work Stress
If you are overwhelmed by continuous concurrent “urgent” demands and hare experiencing Information Overload, you will want to claim the 6 free tips with an option to get an additional 4 videos-on-demand. Practical and useful tips will take you step by step through putting in processes that will leverage on your limtied (time and energy) resources, and allow you to accomplish more in the little time you have.

The 4 videos come with accompanying action guides. You can access the videos from anywhere any time you like. If you invest in this program before the 11th Jan 2010, you will be eligible for a month of free access into the group coaching facility starting 14th Jan for 4 weeks.  You are welcome to get the videos on demand anytime.  To be informed of future free bonuses, just leave your details here and you will be on our priority list for future limited edition launches

You can get your free report on how to manage stress (with excerpts from the videos) here too. If you have any queries, feel free to write to us using the Contact Form.

5 – Awakening Complimentary Strategy Coaching Session with Coach Louisa. Set Aside 30 Minutes For A Redesign Of Your Work-Life As A Woman

– If you are working hard and doing over time but not enjoying your work
– If you are seeking breakthrough but have not been able to do so
– If you are looking for plans and structures to work this out
– If you wonder if there is something else that you would enjoy doing for a living
– If there is a missing piece in your life …

You will not be performing at your best in your current position if the above is true for you. And you will not be living your most inspired, fulfilled life, enjoying success and abundance in the true sense of the word. Fortunately, this need not remain so

You Can Create A Work-Life That Is Purposeful And Enjoyable To You As You Contribute Your Gifts In Your Work Place.  Discover How You Can Make This Happen with coaching.

– If you would like to redefine what your work-life can be like
– If you would like to explore what brings you joy and fulfillment at work
– If you would want to discover your unique strengths and gifts …

Save yourself precious time and heartache and start living a Fun and Fulfilling Life. Find out how via the convenience of phone coaching

You can claim Your FREE
Work With One Heart” Strategy Coaching Session with Louisa now. Just leave your name and email address and we will set up a time for this wonderful journey to begin.

Experience for yourself how coaching with Coach Louisa can be helpful to your reaching the next level in your personal and professional life.

Coach Louisa provides different modes of coaching services to suit your specific need:

  • Regular One-On-One Coaching Sessions over a period (of 1 or 3 months) which enables me to partner you on the coaching journey
  • On Call One-On-One Coaching Sessions – on an ad hoc basis when there is a need for urgent support
  • Regular Group Coaching over a period is available when there is a common agenda for a group/team. Try your first Group Coaching session free here. Group Coaching is currently not accepting new members. You can sign up for a complimentary strategy session and discuss your needs and we will work out something for you.

For more information, kindly click here or write to us using the Contact Us Tab, thank you.

Regular “Coffee Talkswith Group Coaching facilities are designed for women to get together on a weekly basis to get support and strategies for their weekly challenges. You not only get professional coaching, you also get to connect with others going through similar issues who support and provide accountability structures for you. To experience what group coaching feels like, sign for for a hassle-free complimentary session with me here.  Coffee Talk is currently on hold.

Speaking Engagements

Coach Louisa speaks at public events and conducts on-demand seminars and workshops (English or Mandarin).   You may Contact Us to check for her availability.


Workshops addressing various business skills are available for small groups.  Coaching can drastically improve your own as well as your team’s communication, performance and morale.  This will not be just another training or workshop.  It is my belief that if we do not change our filters of looking at ourselves and the world we will not be able to have long lasting and impacting change.   If you find this a good investment, Contact Us and we can discuss custom designed workshops aimed at filling specific business skill gaps.