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Past Events
Free Tele call with Dr Sheck On Relationship Issues

Block out Wed 7th July 2010 6pm PT (9pm ET)
that is Thur 9am Malaysian Time for a free call with Dr Sheck, clinical psychologist who specializes in family relationships issues. Event is now over and you can get the recorded replay by registering here.

Come to the call and find out:
– What is the foundation of a strong and bonding relationship with your teen.
– What makes it so challenging and trying to raise teenage daughters?
– Why is the mother-daughter relationship so intense and so “difficult”?
– What is 1 common mistakes mothers make when parenting teenage daughters?
– What are 2 tips that
anxious moms can use as they raise their teenage girls?
– Tips for mothers who also have relationship challenges with senior moms.
– And answers to your most pressing question.

Depending on how we do for time, we will try and address your issues. And if we have too many questions well we may need to convince Doctor Sheck to offer us another tele-class.

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Block out Wed June 30 2010 6pm PT(9pm ET equivalent of Thur 9am Malaysian Time) for a free MasterMind Call with Louisa.  You will be able to join us from the comfort of your home. Just register here and dial in at the appointed time.

Because this is an interactive call where you will be able to ask questions and get responses and input from other members as well, the web cast feature will not be enabled. You are encourage to use the phone and dial in. If you can ask me one question with regards to tips you are implementing (from what you read and have heard in recent tele-calls), what would that question be? We will go round robin and on a first-come-first-served basis. I hope you will get some live support for whatever challenges you can facing now.

If you ever wondered what a masterminding call is like, this is your chance to jump onto a call and experience it for yourself. If you have questions about pressing issues, some frustrations or if you want some support in a certain area, you can bring these to the call. You will find some tips to help you move forward and some group support too. Each person will prepare your question ahead of time (as you will only have 7-10 minutes max to state your question and get your question answered) as well as state your next step (for accountability). Come and experience the power of masterminding. I will walk you through the process, you just need to prepare your question!

Event is Now Over.
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Join Maurice the Sicilian Mentor and Louisa Chan for a specially arranged tele seminar on how to make
Presentations that SellHow to Craft a Passionate, Poised and Profitable Presentation.”

Whether it is your first speech or your 50th, Maurice has practical tips for you. Here’s what you will learn form the conversation:
– Why Public Speaking Is Important
– The Number One Factor Inhibiting Effective Speeches
– How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking
– Common Mistakes Committed In Public Speaking
– What To Look Out For In Making Your First Speech
– How to Sell Your Ideas Without Selling
– And answers to your most pressing questions

Event is Now Over.
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Join Lucas Rockwood and I for a call on living healthy, energized life without the stress. Lucas is a yoga teacher trainer, a nutritional coach, a vegan chef, and writer. He studied raw food at the The Tree of Life in Arizona with Gabriel Cousens and later went on to run Caravan of Dreams, New York City’s long-standing, iconic vegetarian restaurant.

Lucas has travelled from Los Angeles to New York City, than later in Bangkok and Hong Kong, studying, teaching and experimenting with a holistically healthy life style. Lucas has made time to share with us his secret to a healthy life style. You can then decide how far you want to go with the concepts learned.

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Block out March 22nd 8pm US ET (March 23rd 8am Malaysian Time). Join Robert Riopel and Louisa Chan for a conversation with some Success Clues for thought.

International Trainer Robert Riopel from Canada has been on the stage these past 5 years, teaching success clues over 200 events to over 150,000 people from around the globe. Clues that he gathered through years of struggle and experience.

Robert has overcome various challenges and is passionate to help impact the lives of others. He feels that if he could help one person to accomplish what he has, then the struggles and lessons learned would have been worth while.

If you would like to join us on the free live call, just leave your name and email address below and details of the call will be sent to you. Feel free to share this with others who may also want to attend the event.

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Interview with Self-Made Millionaire Michael Tan on how to achieve Financial Freedom in 5 years or less.

– Doubt if this is too far fetched for the man on the street?
– Dabbled with investment and was burnt; do not want to risk it again?
– Do not have the financial knowledge or resources to consider property investment?

Listen to Michael as he tells his story of how he started his own business, did very well, went to near bankruptcy and bounced back to being financially free. Sign up for the call taking place on 11th March 2010 here.

Event is Now Over.
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The mastermind team for Dec is now closed.  You can contact us for wait list or sign up for a free report on how masterminding will help you grow your business exponentially.  You will also be informed of future openings.

Louisa's Photo1
Louisa was recently featured in the number 1 circulating Chinese magazine, Feminine as a Certified Professional Coach. Click here to read more (published in Mandarin, article provided here with permission from Life Publications). Continue with Page 2 here.

Louisa was also featured on National TV and Press as a personal development and motivational coach working with women and single mothers. Article will be made available when permission is granted by the press for use here.  Stay tuned.

Past Seminars: Three Generations Under One Roof

The Selangor Lai Chee Chinese Women’s Association had a workshop at the Mandarin Court on 19th July 2009. Louisa was invited to share on the topic “Three Generations Under One Roof”.  We had over 100 people ranging from age 7 to 81, all actively participated in the workshop and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Parent-Children Relationships
On the weekend 18th and 19th July, the Kuala Lumpur Hainan Women’s Association had a 2-Day workshop on “Your Family For Life”.  Louisa was invited to speak in on the second day focusing on Parent-Child relationship.  More than 20 little ones joined in as well as the workshop was interactive and experiential.

Celebration of Life Workshop
Dr Yap Yee Guan, Cardiologist at Prince Court and Professor at the Universiti Putra Malaysia spoke on preventative and cardio care for women at the Parents Teachers Association annual event for SRJK (C) Lai Chee Chinese Primary School at Jalan Ipoh on July 5th 2008. 120 participants turned up including members of the public.

This was followed by a sharing by Ms Linda Phang, Founder and Director of the Malaysia Hospice, who sits on the Board of Assunta Hospital. Ms Linda shared on “Women Living with Colorful Sunset Years”.

Louisa concluded with “Celebration of Life!”. Can life be beautiful with all its challenges and realities in today’s world of turmoil and uncertainty? If so, how can our lives be more beautiful? The seminar was conducted in Pu Tong Hua.

Louisa introduced the philosophy of what coaching is and how it can help us live the lives we so desired. Louisa firmly believes in the power of professional coaching and will be able to help lead you to such an experience if you are wanting to seek changes in your life. Many who came for the talk found it to be helpful.