What Is Coaching?

So What is Coaching and in particular Life Coaching? We hear this buzz word quite a bit these days and if you wonder what it is, let's see if we can address the question here:

What does a Life, Executive or Business Coach do for me?
Answer: You Can Craft Your Life With Coaching.  This is what a Life Coach can help you accomplish.  If you are looking to build and expand your business, then a more appropriate coach to hire will be a business coach.  Some one who can guide you build your own business.

Who Needs A Coach?

Answer: Let's See, if you are aspiring to greater heights in any area of your life, you can use a coach in that particular area.  So you can hire a health and wellness coach, a finance coach, a business coach, a relationship coach, a productivity coach etc

What does a life coach do really?
Answer: The International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Definition Of “What a Coach is”… This term is used to mean different things today, the way I use coaching is inline with the ICF's definition.  By the way the ICF does not train coaches although at the Annual ICF Conference there are certain events that will earn certified coaches continuation education units.  There is also limited virtual continuation education made up of presentations by guest speakers. In general there are not ICF trained coaches although there are ICF certified coaches.  

What is the process of coaching?
Answer: The Coaching Model Used Depends On The Client And The Type Of Coaching. This is more a questions that coaches ask, surprise?  The coaching client is concerned with getting the results or the solution to their problem.  They are not as concerned with the model coaches use – that is process.  The coach's task is to fine tune a process or model that will work best with her unique client's particular issue at hand at that point in time.  A trial session will usually put the potential client at ease as they will be able to taste coaching before they decide if this is for them.

What do you look for in a life or executive coach?
Answer: These Criteria For CoachesRank High For Me. Feel free to leave your criteria in the comments below.

What else do you look for in a life or executive coach?
Answer: And These Too.
Feel free to leave your criteria in the comments

Has coaching got to be one on one or in a group?
Answer: Either way, it in fact you can have it in an audio file.  One on one coaching provides clients with full attention an privacy while group coaching allows clients to participate in others' challenges and learn from their experiences.  The hot seat and round robin laser sessions afford more issues to be addressed and client tap into group synergy and accountability as well.  Depending on what your core priorities are, each mode has its own advantages.  If you have any doubt, just drop us a mail and we can sort this out.

Does Group Coaching work?
Answer: Group Coaching Is Like a Colorful Kaleidescope.  Yes and very effectively too.

I am not sure if I need a coach
Answer: That's Ok, Whatever You Want Is Right For You Now.  If you are doing well in an area of your life, and if you aspire to go for the next level, you will be able to do that more effectively with a personal coach.  Or there may be other areas in your life that you would want to improve on. Everyone can benefit from working with a life coach, if you are ready and open to take up the challenge of reaching for the next level.  Confidentiality is upheld by each member in the group coaching community to make this a safe place of learning and sharing.

Hope this helps!  If you have any other lingering question, drop us a line using the Contact Form and we will get this sorted out.  Alternatively, you can choose to join us for a complimentary session and experience this for yourself.  Nothing like the real thing

Now that you have seen my approach to coaching (with regards to life coaching, online coaching, one-on-one coaching and group coaching) it is time for you to share with me your issues so I can understand a little more about you:

I am hearing a few recurring them these past weeks from my online survey and I am wondering if it is worth getting more information so we can address these issues together.

I have some straightforward questions here that will help me understand the situation better. If you can take a moment to do this I will have a better idea of where to concentrate the solution on. And if you participate in this set of questions you will be receiving a gift from me – just make sure you leave your email address so I can send it to you.

Thanks once again for your valuable input. If you have a particular area you want information on, feel free to input that on the survey form.  Once I have a good enough sample size and some conclusive findings, I will be sharing this with you in a public tele class. Stay tuned.