Group Coaching In An Audio File

I am happy that some single moms have written to ask for the replay of our last free tele seminar with group coaching facilities.  I am more happy that you actually did the action items outlined and went through the thought process of understanding yourselves.   The more effort you put into your self awareness program the more you will discover; every change and improvement begins with self awareness.

So take time, no, set aside quality time to know yourself.   The Chinese has a saying that goes like this: the more you know yourself and the more you know your enemy, the more certain you are of victory.   So set aside time for self development.   When the inner core has clarity and is strong the outer structure of family, work and relationship will hold.   We cannot work on the outside and hope for the foundation to be strong.   Let's start from the very beginning.

The tele seminar was strictly speaking not a presentation nor a lecture,  it was set out in a group coaching format.  So if you listen to it without taking the time to reflect and ponder, and implement the action items, you will not get as much out of the session.

I would still want to encourage those who can make it to jump onto the call this week. While there is the individual journey that each of us needs to go through, we do not have to be isolated and fighting on our own.   The community is here to lend you structure and support.  And the interactive element will greatly help you address issues that are on your heart in real time.

I know that a part of us is very comfortable with where we are today and will not risk going anywhere else.  Yet there is another part of us that wants to take off and soar, take leaps to the next level.   To stay with the status quo is comfortable and familiar (and degenerating), to leave the comfort zone and reach for growth is challenging and exciting (and regenerating).

So I have a request for you this week; will you pick up the calling card and dial into the tele seminar?  You may not have done this before, but if you can gain loads from it for your own personal development, will you do it?    You will get the most benefit, trust me. The moment you stretch over your existing comfort zone, you have entered new grounds, you will never be the same again.  Remember what I wrote about pertubation?   Cross the edge and keep challenging your limits and you will occupy a bigger space, be a bigger person, live a fuller, richer, happier and more fulfilled life.

P/s ever tried zip lining?    That's the next thing I would love to do … let's hope they have it at Warrior Camp …

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