Family Gathering Pleasure Or Pressure?

When family comes together, there is bound to be friction and tension.

Will you cling onto hurts or will you seek reconciliation and completions?
When you choose to love know that you are opening up yourself to be vulnerable.

The pent-up emotions, anger, and bitterness affect you the most.
And anyone else who is around you.

How we want to hold justice in our hands!
Especially towards those who did us injustice.
Yet this is not our call.

Our call is to continue to radiate the light and warmth especially in darkenss.

If you feel strains and frictions in relationships,
You will be drained of vital energy.
You will not be able to perform at your peak.
You will not be happy nor fulfilled.

Take a moment and listen to this song.
Pay attention to the lyrics and
Open your heart to receive the message
that Spirit has for you …
May your light will brighten up this place.

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