I Don’t Have Time

I wonder how many times you have heard or used this phrase in the last week.  It’s the perfect excuse for not attending to important things in our lives, it is legitimate and sort of acceptable in today’s culture to be overly busy and consumed and "have no time".


Yet, are we not each given a total of 24 hours each day?  No more, no less (well, let’s not get too technical here).   So Why don’t we have time?   Where have all the time gone to?   Sure, they fly by us without us noticing and if we look back and ask "What have I accomplished this year?"  would you be content with the answer you have?  Perhaps; perhaps not.


Are we then victims of this elusive thing called "time"?  Why can some archive much more than others given the same amount of time?  I can already hear a chorus of reasons: "They don’t have children to take care of", or "Their work is less demanding", or "I have so much to do, so many projects on my hand with such tight deadlines!" and of course the "You won’t understand" will beat it all.


So what are you going to do about this?   Accept it as a fact of life?   Or will you reach out and seek for ways to help you make every hour of your life count towards achieving your goal and dream?   Will you be open to consider a new way of living where you will be in control of time instead of having it control you?


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