About Me

Coach and Trainer Louisa Chan Work Experience:
Louisa Chan brings with her over 20 years of corporate and people-building experience and a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural background in education and training, IT consulting, HR outsourcing, business coaching, and social media consulting. 

She has managed the backrooms of operations while in China as well as project-managed regional IT migration projects while stationed in Kuala Lumpur.

As an IT consultant at one of the Big 4 firms in Singapore, Louisa helped Fortune 500 companies adopt and implement leading-edge technology solutions in their businesses for marketplace competitiveness.

Louisa enjoyed the diverse cultures while working and studying in Canada (four years), the UK (two years), Hong Kong (nine years), and Singapore (six years). She spent under a year in China, Bangkok and Sydney while on projects before returning to Kuala Lumpur in the early twenties.

Based on her diverse experience, Louisa brings with her a unique perspective to her coaching practice which she started in 2008. She actively promotes Coaching Workshops for corporate managers and one-on-one business and personal coaching.

Seeing how many people are stressed out and anxious, Louisa has designed 2 home-study courses helping professionals deal with stress, information overload and the sense of overwhelm using audio, video and text guides. 

Louisa offers in-person coaching as well as online coaching. She is a keen advocate of social media and mobile marketing and conducts workshops on these topics – more information here. Louisa guest blogged and contributed articles to e-magazine directories regularly. She has also authored e-books and e-reports.

As a professional dedicated to continuous improvement, she is continuously developing her skills by studying with successful internet marketing experts and is active in Master Minding groups. She keeps abreast with trends and development by regularly attending seminars and workshops conducted by industry leaders and motivational speakers

Louisa’s Continuous Education:
Louisa holds a Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in MIS from McGill University (Canada) and a Master of Education majoring in Educational Management from Sheffield University (UK). Louisa is a also certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the US and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with the International Coach Academy (ICA) in Australia.

Since going online, she has kept up with online marketing skills learning from some of the finest Internet and Web Marketing Gurus in the industries. She has studied with world-renowned speakers and trainers T Harv Eker and Blair Singer on a year-long program and has graduated from a 5-day intensive Train-the-Trainer Program for conducting effective workshops.  

Using her knowledge in education and curriculum design Louisa makes use of accelerated learning concepts in the workshops, seminars and training programs she designs.

Louisa, the Person:
On a personal front, Louisa believes everyone has untapped potential and appropriate coaching can help the individual understand her inner self and unleash her hidden potential within.

Her experience working with people of various backgrounds in the human development industry and her formal training at the coaching academy prepared her professionally to reach out and support those seeking to move towards a more abundant and productive life.

Louisa understands the challenges of having to adapt to new communities, new changes and starting a new network of friends. The ups and downs of life have strengthened her to be the person that she is today as well as granted her the capacity to empathize and empower those seeking to overcome challenges in their lives. 

Louisa enjoys listening to and playing music, She finds nature refreshing and renewing, and loves travelling, juicing, reading, writing and speaking/training gigs.

Louisa is of Cantonese heritage and grew up studying Pu Tong Hua in a Chinese School. She did simultaneous and stage interpretation between English and Mandarin with community events and will be able to connect with you in the language you are most comfortable with. She adheres to the code of ethics for coaches as upheld by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Louisa has been featured in a Chinese national press (Sin Cho Jit Po) and Feminine, a Chinese magazine. She has also been interviewed live on TV1 and TV2 for the Impact of Coaching and Online Education. BFM Radio has also produced 6 episodes of interviews with Louisa.