Comments On Louisa’s Coaching Services

“There are very few coaches like Louisa. She asks tough questions that many coaches are incapable of asking. Her insightful questioning combined with her passion for seeing others succeed, results in any client having a much more clear understanding of themselves and a firmer grasp on his or her own goals.

She will challenge you…only to grow and develop beyond where you are now. One would serve themselves well by hiring Louisa.”

Bill Turpin CPC, LPBC
Coach Trainer (ICA)
And Business Development Manager at ICA

“Louisa Chan is an excellent coach. She always demonstrates clear support and guidance for her clients, leading them to forward movement. As her coach training supervisor, I observed six of Louisa’s coaching sessions. She expertly partnered with each client to create new awareness, insight, and commitments to action. It was a delight to listen to her coaching!”

Sheri Boone, MCC
Coach Trainer (ICA)
And Supervised Coach Co-ordinator at ICA

“Louisa’s sessions are professional and powerful, as she skillfully encourages exploration and learning and elicits options for actions moving forward. She consistently exhibits patience, perseverance, and guidance in coaching me. Louisa touches the heart of the matter with authenticity and compassion.”

Raja Azmi RN
Senior Director GLC (Malaysia) 

She helped me clarify my goals and get down to the root of issues in order to move me forward. My celebrations were her celebrations, and I truly appreciated being heard and supported.

I would recommend Louisa for anyone who wants to clarify and move forward with their goals.”

Justina Grady-Coker, NC, USA

“Louisa has a clear and calm approach to coaching. She possesses wonderful listening skills and is patient which allows me space to reflect on where we are in our sessions. She has an effective way of mirroring back to me what was said to bring about clarity.

Louisa consistently offers support in and out of our sessions. She always has an encouraging word and finds a way to celebrate regardless of the difficulty that is faced. I consider her an excellent resource for discovering and evaluating my options. Thank you so much, Louisa, for your support! I appreciate it.”

Muriel Alston, Pennsylvania (US)



“Louisa is a caring and compassionate life coach who is able to use her own life experiences to help others. “She has helped put things into perspective for me. Her coaching style is gentle yet direct.  And I have found that Louisa is an effective coach because she doesn’t spend time giving me the answers but helping me find them instead.”

Beth Jones, USA 

Feedback and Comments On Louisa’s Client Services
“Louisa, I really appreciate your assistance in helping me get started with the programme. You called me back almost immediately after I submitted my application, so I wasn’t tempted to continue my search elsewhere.

You gave clear and knowledgeable information, listened carefully to my questions, and gave me answers in simple-to-follow steps so that I didn’t get lost in a maze.

You also provided me with your thoughts and feelings about your own experience in a very candid and positive way that was not at all like a sales pitch. You broke through the communication barrier I was having with my Skype connection by calling my cell phone directly.

You were very professional in all ways, including the use of technology. Frankly, it is because of our phone chat that I had the confidence to join the programme. I wish you all the success in the world as you continue to build your coaching business and in the areas of your life that matter the most to you. Thanks again!”

Christi Byerly
Life Coach from Kenya

“I found you down to earth and empathetic while professional at the same time. You gave me plenty of opportunity to tell you what my plans and goals were.

You listened to me and provided me with some really good suggestions with my permission. You were patient and gave me time to think before I made my own decision.

You made it easy for me to make this most important decision in my life, as everyone else around me was discouraging me to go ahead, however, I knew exactly what I needed and wanted for my future.

I have known it deep down that they were just part of my journey to bring me here right now. I want to be an excellent coach to help others succeed, and I will be. I also want to be part of the community, as I am already feeling like family in such a short time.

I like your blog by the way.”
Tenny Charlesworth
Life Coach from Australia

“I had been interested in the idea of becoming a life coach for quite some time; I spent a few months researching the various courses available and disqualifying most of them for various reasons!

I kept wandering back to your programme again and again; it seemed to tick most boxes. Louisa contacted me and asked if I would like to meet up to discuss any lingering questions and doubts concerning the course and my suitability!

We met for coffee and I found myself thinking, ‘If this is the type of person (coach) the organisation produces, sign me up!’

I found Louisa open-minded, grounded, and focused; she didn’t push me to sign up for the course, was encouraging and full of confidence in her own abilities, and gave praise for the academy and its’ members! I left the coffee shop with my head in a better place and praise for Louisa!

Paula Frager from Malaysia

“I appreciated that you contacted me so quickly, and it was inspiring to me to hear the enthusiasm in your voice. You answered all my questions.”

Nancy Meiners from China

“It was so wonderful that you reached me and gave information and encouragement! I felt like warm friendly hand was given to me. And your guidance, support and attitude convinced me that I am on the right track! Thanks again, and best wishes to you!”

Yelena Balgayeva
Life Coach from Kazakstan

“I feel your help is very sincere and makes me feel happy to be connected to your community and network. It is nice to get your information about the program and have a short chat with you before the Typhoon night. Your prompt reply answered the payment details and also make me feel good. It’s my pleasure to know you through this network.”

Eve Lo
Executive Consultant from Taiwan

“Just thought I would write you a short note to thank you for helping me sign up. I did have some moments of doubt about whether I should be doing this at all at this stage of my life!!! But I liked the way that you helped me make my decision. Thank you.”

Kalpana Rao
Life Coach from India

“Thank you so much for helping me out with the enrollment process. I also appreciate you calling me and explaining to me the services provided.

You have been very prompt and efficient in my enrollment, and I think this is the most hassle free transaction I have ever made on the internet. Thanks to you your vendor neeedn’t have to worry about creating any first impressions.”

Anthony Machado, Life Coach from UAE

“Thank you very much for your patience while I made my decision to sign up. You called when you said you would, called back when it suited me best, and clearly answered all my questions so that I could make an informed decision.

I particularly appreciated that in no way did you place pressure on me to’sign up,’ allowing me space to make my decision while reassuringly offering support should I need it and leaving the door open.

Many thanks, Louisa. I am now looking forward to my journey.”.

Kathryn Tonges
Executive Coach from China

“I have found that your service was very prompt and helpful! I appreciated that you took the time to share with me your background, story, and how you got into coaching. Your testimonial about completing the programme in six months also helped to give me confidence that completing quickly is indeed possible. Thank you so much for your assistance.”

Kevin Campbell from Barbados

“I really appreciate your kindly help and advice for me to take this programme. Usually it takes me a long time to consider any purchase, especially for this kind of online learning program. In fact, I was a little hesitant to take the English program in the beginning.

But your assistance in helping me join the Chinese programme make me feel more comfortable to make decisions. I didn’t think too much and just go for it.”

Min Lu from China

Louisa was prompt and patient in responding to my queries. This allowed me to gain confidence in the flexibility and accessibility of the organization and its culture of meeting learners’ needs, which led me to feel secure that I would be able to achieve my goal. I look forward to your further mentoring!”

Maree Anderson from UAE

“Thank you for all the information. I really appreciated your call and how you answered my questions. You answered back to all my requests in a very short term, it was done in a very professional way.

You told me that you are also a project manager; I am sure you are successful.”

Michèle Richard
Project Management Professional (PMP) from Switzerland

“I would really like to thank you for your help in answering my questions and doubts that lead me to make this decision to register, and lastly, last, your true coaching style, in which you were able to create in me this firm decision that it is time to move forward! Also a big thanks for your quick help in the registration and payment process!”

Erika Kalmar from Belgium

“What went well with my experience? 1. You were pro-active in talking to me and answering my questions. 2. You did not push the enrollment, but let me handle it at my pace 3. You provided good information that was relevant to the questions on my mind In short, you coached me well through the enrollment process.”

T.Srinivasan from India

“Your service was outstanding. You were very prompt in your actions and extra helpful. It was really a pleasure to have you as my service provider, as it made my whole experience very smooth so far. I particularly enjoyed the follow-up every step of the way. This is truly an enjoyable experience.”

Michael Maksoudian from UAE

“I have been in contact with Louisa many times and always felt that she is just “right here.” I was never waiting long hours or days for a reply. How can she manage this I always thought

I was always assisted properly and provided with more additional information for my better understanding of what I want and what could be interesting for me. I know I have met a very generous person, Louisa.”

Giedre Gaizauskaite-Poe from Saudi Arabia

Comments and Feedback on Louisa’s Mastermind Group
All too often I am looking at the proverbial glass half empty and I am reminded to look again and realise it’s half full!

Being with Louisa and the others in my mastermind group and having their support has helped me see beyond my often narrow view of myself and what I can get done. It is nice to have the resources and assets of a like-minded group because I am able to see and hear the perspective of others. Usually, I learn things that are not evident to me, and it is a sure way to achieve results quicker.

While I “know” that setting weekly goals into specific, measurable actions is something I should do, actually being held accountable by my mastermind group is a no-fail way to actually do it and achieve results.

Lauren Miller, Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer

Comments From Participants of Louisa’s Stress-Free Living Live Programme
“I am like so many people. I live a fast-paced, hectic and busy life, and just like others, I tend to forget what is important. To me, a good coach reminds someone of life’s fundamentals—the “basics”.

What I so appreciate about Louisa is she never interrupts my day with an idea that I cannot apply. Rather, when I feel I am not sure what direction to go, or I feel overwhelmed, or I am unsure what to tackle next – she takes me back to the basics.

She reminds me again of what is important, and as she guides me back to a quieter space inside myself,. I refocus and accomplish what I set out to do, all without losing myself. Once again, I find joy in the journey.”

Bill Turpin, CPC, LPBC Trainer,
Business / Life Coach
From United States of America

“I found Louisa to have a deep understanding of stress and very practical suggestions to handle it. Her programme is a real help not only to working mothers or people caught in the corporate rat race but also to a group I know well: coaches and conscious entrepreneurs facing the many demands and uncertainties in building their businesses.”

Helene Desruisseaux,
Conscious Entrepreneur From Canada

“Louisa, I just want to let you know how much it meant to me to take your “Stress-Free In 30 Days Course.”. I found so much value in it!

You have really helped me’see’ things differently, and it has significantly helped me to reduce the stress I was feeling around it!

I enjoyed all your analogies as they gave me a way to clearly see the big picture, and I loved all the little tit-bits of advice to help me learn how to de-clutter emotionally, physically, and mentally.

You offered so much great content and very valuable ways of looking at things, I bet this course could have been twice the length! Thank you for such a marvellous course, Louisa!
You are so very kind, thoughtful, and understanding, which made it easy for me to feel comfortable sharing with you.”

Lisa N. From Canada

“This is a very good program. It gave me the chance to look back at my problems and feel more relaxed. Besides, I like the many analogies used; the “bamboo” and “floating” philosophies release me from where I normally would easily get stuck.

When aggravated, I now know how to cool down and, step by step, solve the problem in the calmest manner. It works, indeed. And I’m happy that I’m not hot-tempered like before.

“This is a very good programme. It gave me the chance to look back at my problems and feel more relaxed. Besides, I like the many analogies used, the “bamboo” and “floating” philosophy release me from where I normally would easily get stuck.

When aggravated, I now know how to cool down and, step by step, solve the problem in the calmest manner. It works, indeed. And I’m happy that I’m not hot-tempered like before.

It’s good when I allow my body to naturally deal with the situation without forcing or reacting to it like I used to.”

Khanh Nhu, Nguyen, Trainer
From Vietnam

“Stress Free in 30 Days Programme” was really helpful to me and changed my beliefs about stress. Now I am aware of when, how, and why I become stressed. The programme is so efficient, rich in information, condensed and to the point.

Louisa is so talented in using simple examples to build very expressive images and provide you with information that you will never forget because the image will always be in your mind.

Louisa is a great coach; she is so supportive, caring, and really talented at creating expressive images that clarify her ideas so you never forget what you learn with her.

Her calm and reassuring voice is one of the important factors that make her a great coach. She makes you feel that life is simple and easy.

Her patience and her willingness to listen is very much appreciated. Thank you very much, Louisa, for your effort and support.”

Nihad Khalil, Systems Analyst
From Alexandria, Egypt

She makes everything sound so simple that I feel like I can do anything afterward. Her suggestions are so basic and doable that you are left with not just positive insights but HOPE.”

Marlene Mullings, Business Owner
From the United States of America

“My Dearest Louisa, This is just to say thank you again for a great program to make our life as stress-free as possible. The program proposed many insights that really made me think and apply.

I was so moved by these to actually write a whole Blog post about. I have a lot more to say, but was trying to be concise. No Blog post will do you enough justice, nor any testimonial. Others will have to try it for themselves to actually know what I am talking about.

Again, your voice still echoes in my ears when I am overwhelmed. Your teachings have armed me with more resilience to face setbacks. Your views are so easy to implement, yet so very powerful.

Thank you for a great opportunity, Louisa. I am a better coping person now that you entered my life.”

Dania Dbaibo Darwish,
Instructor of Psychology
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

“Let’s face it… we all stress over the things in our lives. Some things we are able to deal with and eventually they go away, other things will stress us out all our lives if we let them, and that’s never any good. Even though we get used to living in a stressed-out state, we still don’t like it, and we still wish there was another way.

In my profession, I am fully aware of the physical consequences of prolonged stress. yet it is so easy, even for me, to get caught up in the day-to-day stresses in life!

When I listened to Louisa’s audio programme, it was clear to me that the things that stressed me out caused me a lack of space and freedom to do the things I wanted. I learned how to take responsibility for my stress and not let it control my life… ultimately giving me the freedom I needed.

Louisa’s home study program gives a systematic approach to identifying the stresses in your life and most importantly, how to free yourself from them. Her step-by-step process literally offers a way to finally unburden yourself so you can do the things you really want to do, and consequently lead a much happier, productive life.

I enjoy listening to her audios repeatedly… they are a constant reminder of who is in control… ME!”

Lauren Miller,
Professional Wellness Coach,
Certified Personal Trainer

Comments On Louisa’s Workshop in Mandarin
“Thanks again for your wonderful sharing, which inspired many sisters of various ages who attended the workshop. Your charisma, knowledge, and willingness to share your life’s rich and growing  experience  certainly made you a valued educational speaker. Thank you, and may the Lord bless your ministry abundantly.”

Irene Yek
Chairlady of CCCOWE Sisters’ Fellowship
Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism

“参加了陈一心教练的“月光之下”讲座 得益良多。 她呈献方式多样化。 带领我门互动, 内容令我门得到激励和感动。 谢谢一心教练.”


“我先后听陈一心硕士三次演讲。 她每次用不同的呈献方式把不同主题切贴的表达出来。 这次“月光之下”。 她把充实内容及动人的故事, 加强内容深度, 使我门印象深刻, 也使我领悟到生命中任何遭遇都晓得如何克服。



“陈一心硕士在“月光之下” 讲座中, 以活泼及互动的方式, 把丰富扎实的内容带出来。 态度, 服装优雅, 讲词深入浅出, 具说服力。 使我找到克服苦难的答案。


“一心老师, 其实日光之下谁没自己的困难呢?但我们基督徒有神相随,口里虽讲靠神,切又往往随己意行,结果自找烦恼。谢谢你,你那天的一句话给我很大的震惊—->事实不会改变,只会改变对事情的看法,态度。我们肯不肯拿出勇气去面对!”美琼,Jessie Chew