Kung Fu Fighting To De-stress?

"So what was the last movie you watched?"  Interestingly enough I was asked this twice and honestly a week ago I could not tell you – because I could not even remember when was the last time I watched a movie.  Fortunately, I have had a few days of holiday to catch up on being "sane" again and did manage to watch a DVD together with the family.

If you are busy like me then perhaps you too would not have listened to the bonus audio that was given to you as a gift on my homepage.   Then I would say, make time and listen to it now.   It only takes you 30 minutes or so and the benefits you get out of it will be worth your while.

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So back to the last movie that you watched.   If you have to think hard into blank space then I suggest you choose one movie and go watch it with your children at the next chance you get.

As the only female at home surrounded by 2 die hard TaeKwonDo fans cum brown-belt brothers and  5 nephews in their youth, you can well imagine that the last movie we watched had nothing to do with romance or comedy, the vote went to "Yong Chun" Kung Fu.  Yes bare-handed kung fu fighting.

While the guys were all excited with the moves and the kicks, I was getting all tensed up with the fights and the plot and quite frankly would have preferred not to need to watch it at all.  Yet the guys found such relief and fulfillment in the moves.  I can tell they were all loving it and getting a kick out of it.  I think they get as much relief and relaxation out of the movie as I did tension and stress!

That makes me wonder.   Do we know your stressors
Do you know what triggers your anxieties and tension? 
Or what would bring your relief and enjoyment?
How would you know yourself better so as to lead a calmer and more fulfilling life?

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4 comments on “Kung Fu Fighting To De-stress?

  1. Ha! Another TKD fan! And that’s before I include little Maddy and Isaac! Perhaps I should look up my “Predicament” TKD instructor and put on my white belt too …

    Try living in H* and go to any market place, you will not only have high volume and incessant noise, you will also have thick air pollution. Well, I guess that is true of most cities! I like my habitat, my sanctuary …

  2. Ha! Even if I were there, I’d probably be enjoying the Kung Fu flick! And it has nothing to do with my, ah-hum, white belt in TKD,, but because I’ve always enjoyed the choreography of the Kung Fu moves.

    Put me in a loud gym-like place where noise echoes, with a lot of people all talking at once and a headache will come on, guaranteed.

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