7 Indisputable All Time Stories That Stop You From Your Success

If you were being interviewed today for your success, what would be the 3 things you want to share with us? Success is not an accident, but is well planned and carefully executed over a period of time.  So what is your secret? 

If I change the question and ask you to rate where you are today, compared to where you want to be, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate yourself? How would you have liked yourself to be rated? I wonder what caused the gap?

With that knowledge what would be the next logical step?
Perhaps you will come up with options of plan for the month, the next 3 months or 6 months. Or you may want to re evaluate your current implementation strategy. Or better yet, you may want to go back to you business model and marketing plan and look at that with fresh eyes with your trusted advisor and coach. 

How you respond to your state today will determine how different you are from the 90% of the population. Remember that 23% of the populations have no idea what they want from life and they float around aimlessly. 67% of the population have a general idea of what they want and they day dream about it without any plan of action.

You are among the 10% if you have specific goals.  What is going to set you apart from the rest who will be washed out by the waves of time and tide? They all have their individual stories. Some common ones I hear include the following:

1 – “I have too much to do” – that is why I never got around to getting my tasks done. 
2 – “I know that” – whatever strategy or plan you want me to implement, I heard it before.
3 – “I don’t have time” – technically I have 24 hours in a day but I really don’t have the time.
4 – "Why should I?"  Life is too short, let’s eat, drink and be merry for we know not when we will die.  
5 – “I don’t know what to do” or
6 – “I don’t know how to do”.

Really? I thought the internet has lots of free information, all you have to do is a simple search and there will lots of answers for you from the experts. How is it that you do not know what to do? Is it more likely that you do not want to do, hmmm.

7 – Or you can just ignore this conversation and pretend that you were never involved. Just play the Ignorance Game. In this case, you will get the same result as you have been getting year after year because you are not doing anything different.

If would you take an honest look at where you are and find out how you can do better, if you would consider other ways of doing things so you can accomplish more with leverages and productivity instead of duplications and wasted efforts you would be on your way to achieving the goal you so clearly set. So get a fresh perspective, do some re engineering, re examine the processes and assumptions and start from the foundation.

“The hardest battle you're ever going to fight is the battle to be just you.” ~ Leo F. Buscaglia. 

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