Making Online Videos For Your Online Presence

I like the idea of using video to communicate my message and have been wanting to use videos to reach out to my audience.  However, I have been putting it off forever – even after signing up for a course. That is my negative "self talk" taking me down even before I began!

Good thing is that I finally wised up and experimented with it, followed the steps given and broke the mental barrier I had with video making.

I like it that others can see the slides and images as well as hear the audio so it is easier for them to get the message I want to convery.  It just gives my audience a better overall experience.

Now that I have made a simple web video, I agree that it is really not that hard a thing to do. And the tips given were greatly helpful.  In fact, I am liking video making more as it gets my message out in more than one mode. And music just adds another dimension too. And I hear that video can improve your google ranking, so that's more free traffic. I like traffic,

Basic video making need not be hard nor expensive. There are online tools that will help you get the basic job done. And if you want better effect and quality there are always the paid tools. Watch the videos, the tools are all listed there so you can pick the ones you are more familiar with.

Online video making is actually a fairly straightforward thing to do but if you've never done it before it can seem daunting and overwhelming. Well, recently I received a series of complimentary videos on how to make video that sells.  How cool is that?

Just when I have decided to do more videos, I am noticing more content about video making everywhere. Information from video players to templates and courses.  In NLP terms, they call it the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

Some lessons I learn from my web video making include the following:
1 – Do not give up before I start (big one) 
2 – Be ready to make some mistakes and learn from them
3 – Let go of perfection – concentrate on progress
4 – Following proven instructions cuts my learning time in more than half!
5 – Once I put my heart and mind to doing something, my RAS will be put to work.

In my teacher's term the "Universe will bend back to help me" once my intentions are clear and my mind set and focused

If you too are wanting to find out how to make your own video – just for fun, or to market your services and products, there are lots of resources available.  I find Andy's video a little fast paced, but the good thing is you can always play it back and re-watch it. It has lots of useful tips, choose 2 or 3 to implement, you don't have to do everything he suggest the first time round. Just get your hands dirty.

Whether you are a professional coach, speaker, trainer, solo entrepreneur, work-at- home-mom, an author writing your book or a freelancer, video marketing will take your online presence to a whole new level. This can help you no matter what kind of online business you are building.

So go ahead, make an online video anyway and have fun with it. I recently have my own YouTube Channel – just for fun to see how things work. And you can have yours too. It is really not that hard.  And it feels good to see your own video on line. There is a sense of accomplishment, and you know you can do better with practice.

Ok I can go on and on about this but I need to rush home for my Lunar New Year Reunion Dinner.  If you are celebrating it, "Xin Nian Kaui Le", 新年快了, if not Happy Valentine's Day!  Universe has us all covered!

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