New Year Resolutions Or Goals Without the Mistakes Part 2

New Year brings with it new hope and possibilities and many set good intentions to achieve some positive lifestyle changes.   As we approach spring (some of us are busy welcoming spring and the Lunar New Year in this part of the world) I just want to check in and see how you are doing with your New Year resolutions and what needs adjusting.

We have heard of making SMART goals. Today I want to look at the ART of making SMART goals, that is making goals Achievable, realistic and Time bound.

We want to dream big and grow into the newer, bigger person. At the same thing we want to keep our goals achievable and attainable.   Being achievable has to do with your resource of time, skills, energy and health.  Given your unique situation you will assess how doable your goal is. The goal is to support your lifestyle, not to dis-empower or de-motivate you.

If you are just implementing exercise into your already packed routine, then instead of making it a goal to do 30 minutes of aerobic every morning, you want to know your limit, and give yourself the challenge to just go beyond that edge.   If you can’t manage 15 minutes of work out at home then it is no point setting that as a target now.

You can instead set the ultimate goal to be 30 minutes in so many months and to start off with 5 minutes for now,  consistently working on it for the first month.   You can stretch yourself where you have the resources, not where you don’t.  Until you have better time management you may not have the extra 20 minutes, so stretch your endurance and perseverance instead.

You want to set something doable, to strengthen and build your confidence.  You want to celebrate your success and not tear yourself down. Remember to set yourself up for success. Whatever works for you at that point in time is a good starting point and build from there. Go to the edge and go over it just a little at a time, patiently and consistently.

Are you setting your expectations right?  Changing behavior takes time, it starts with changing thought patterns and actions.  To form any new habits, you really need a program of over 30-60 days.  Escaping the present pattern of actions meets great resistant.  In any air craft that takes off more than 85% of the fuel is used in the first 2 minutes of take off to defy gravity. The same is true for you. You need much initial effort to defy the resistance which weights you down before your new habits can take off.

So it is only normal that you feel the resistance in the beginning and you need the proper support structure to help you make it through the crucial 30-60 days.  Be patient, work at it and see it take off!  You want to continue on with the momentum until the habits are ingrained into your system so you do them subconsciously.  Key word is consistent not miracle over night.

Time Bound
Instead of saying you will lose 20 pounds in 6 months, break that down into small chunks of little victories with milestones.  Although there is no short cut in life, however long and winding the road, there are milestones to let you know how far you can come along, and how far more you need to go.

Take a breather, look at how far you have come.  Focus on what you have achieved, look at what you need to do now and then continue the journey.  You will get there eventually, if you are consistent.  It happens slowly, but surely.

You are on a journey; and success is a process.  Are you ready to attain those goals you set?  If you want to move forward with with the right goals then write to me at the Contact Us page.  We will set up some SMART goals for you.

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