You Craft Your Life With Coaching …

Coaching helps you design your own life. “Today can be the last day that you used to be for the past so many years or it can be the first day that you start creating and crafting your future”.  This is a new motto I have for myself having modified it from the original that says “Tomorrow can be just another day of everything that has happened, or today can be the last day that I used to be for the past so many years“.

This is another valuable lesson I glean from Eben Pagan / Wyatt Woodsmall. These are such powerful and creative words as it brings out the power of choice in you, you decide, you choose how you want your life to unfold.

When I first started on my own journey of discovery, I did not know what it was that I really truly want.   I had no idea how to answer the question  “What is it that I am pursuing?  What am I working so hard for?  What is it that I want out of life?” or  “What makes me happy?”   I was “going with the flow” or more likely “floating” along where the current takes me.  

I was not actively, consciously crafting my own future, the way I want my life to be, because I didn’t have a clear picture of where I was headed.

Since I started working with my own life coach, I have been able to address some of these fundamental questions as I began to know myself better. I am now empowered to take positive and active steps towards creating the life I want. And the journey has been insightful, colorful and exciting.

Coaching really is about self awareness, and learning about oneself so you can take the appropriate action toward the strategic goal which you set for yourself. The entire world can look different when you come to know yourself better. Things fall into perspectives.  You are invited to think through issues that perhaps you have overlooked or not want to address.  You are supported to start creating your own future as you embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.  You may find out interesting and exciting potentials within yourself!

Coaching helps open you up to greater understanding of yourself.  And there are various ways of participating in your coaching session. You can do that in person or if you prefer you can have that over the phone. You can do that on a one-on-one or in a group where you can also learn from others experience and find support in the group.  It is often shared that coaching brings out your best potential and gives you practical action plan and the support structure so you can move towards your goal.

For a 30-minute strategy session to explore coaching first hand, sign up for a complimentary session here. Know that you always have choices.  You can choose today to be the last day you used to be for the past so many years or it can be the beginning of a brand new start. How would you want to author your life?


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  1. Thank you Louisa for your insightful touching article. I felt as you were talking about myself.. It is extremely difficult and hurtful when you have all the tools you need in life but you don’t know how to use them! As you have many open routes but you are not sure which one you should or it is better to walk in it! Exactly like when dress up but you don’t know where to go!

    Wish you a very good luck Louisa and I hope one day very soon I can determine my route in life just as you did 🙂

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