Here’s One Way To Dump Your Stress

Have you ever wondered how thoughts of unfinished tasks and to-dos swirl around in your head, especially just before you want to go to bed?  Everything the needs attention come rushing in to your awareness and you go into panic mode.

One technique I advocate using is to free your mind of clutter so leaving it space for creative and supportive work – you can refer to a complete list of easy-to-use stress managementtips here.  There are all sorts of clutter in your brain at any one time, emotional, mental, work-related and family-related.  And to deal with the logistics of everyday life, Jennifer Tankersley has a series of well thought-out lists that will help you manage the different demands placed upon you leaving you less stress and enjoy more time for your self and your family.  In an earlier interview with Jennifer, we discussed the following questions:

Some questions we discussed include:

How her lists differ from the ones we scribble at the back of an envelop
How does having lists helps us plan our chores and projects
How the lists have help teach and build her children’s sense of responsibility
How the lists have help improved family communication
How these lists can help mothers gain better control of overwhelm they face everyday

Click below to listen to an interview with Jennifer and you can visit her site for free samples of various lists for your immediate use.  Stick them to your fridge or file them in a ring binder for reference to save more time.

3 comments on “Here’s One Way To Dump Your Stress

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Glad to hear from you. Love to hear your ideas on how we can work together and reach out.

    Children go through a process when there is such fundamental change in the family structure. We can look at this in more detail if that is on your mind.

    Take it a day at a time, you will see light at the end of the tunnel.


  2. Thank you Louisa. You are inspirational. I hope there is something we could do together for victims of infidelity – mum & kids. my son refuse to co-operate, such as to go to school, do homework etc, perhaps with the loss of a father figure. These are some of the effects that his father refute – he says its more my son personality than the separation.


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