How Do I Find My Coach?

You may have heard that this is the International Coaching Week and are wanting to have an experience of being coached. How do you look for the coach that works best with you?

Great question! There are many criteria. I have some write up here that you can refer to.  Each person places different weights on the 11 competencies that the International Coach Federation sets out for certified coaches.

The core competencies include following a code of ethics, establishing trust, creating awareness, designing actions, goal setting, setting up accountability structures, questioning and listening skills etc. What is most important to your selection?

And what woudld you want to be coached on?

Best way to find the coach that brings out the best in you and your work is to try one out! Most coaches will offer a trial session, especially this week!  Have fun and let me know what you think.

And oh, I have a special package designed for the International Coaching and Valentines Week, so check it out before 10th February for a fabulous start to the year! Details on the other side after you opt in!

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  1. Thanks everyone for taking the time to participate in the online poll.

    I see interesting results and I will be sharing with you later – I like to see if the results will change when more take the polls.


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