Balanced Success Doing What You Enjoy?

Some of you may know that Karen Cappello is one of my mentor and coach (yes I learn from many different mentors).   We often talk of creating success.   One day I ask Karen if I can interview her and this audio came into being.

Some questions I have for Karen include the following:

1. How would you define that success?

2. What is the secret of your success?

3. What will bring you to the next level?

4. Can this secret be used by all budding coaches?

5. Looking back what may you have done differently?

6. What is your advice to budding coaches?

Karen thinks it is possible to have success with ease and joy. And I just realize that I too believe in this as I promote Success Without The Stress. No wonder we clicked and bonded so easily.

Have a listen to our conversation and if you like to know more about dealing with stress, feel free to sign into for a free audio on tips to deal with everyday stress here


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