Take Contorol Of Your Financial Freedom

I did a poll recently
Firstly, thank you for taking part in the poll.
Secondly let’s address the issue.

Financial independence and reducing stress were the two items you wanted more information on. So today, we will talk about financial freedom, which is an aspect of living your abundant life.

What is financial freedom? There are many definitions of financial freedom or financial independence. The one that I embrace says that you are financially independent when your monthly passive income is over and above your total monthly expenses.

Hmmm, where does that leave us? Do we have passive income?
Sounds like a tall order and it seems so distant and far…

Well, if you are ready to suspend your judgment, if you are willing to challenge your limiting beliefs and embrace abundance, read on:

• If there is a way for you to reach financial freedom
• If you can listen to life testimony and simple tips that would make this possible
• If someone has done the research, walked the path, been there done that
• If that someone is willing to share with you strategies and tips to use
• If you given step by step guidance to implement
• If you can raise any questions you have
• If you can do that from where you are (at home)
Will you be interested to explore consider and this?

The first step to reaching any goals, dreams or desire is the openness to explore and the willingness to suspend judgment and cynicism. Only then will you be open to consider the different options you have for reaching your ultimate dream. You do not want to limit yourselves at the outset. However, do keep your sharp and analytical mind as you evaluate the information presented to you.

Before we become millionaires, a few things need to take place. Before experiencing abundance there needs to be awareness, learning and implementation, monitoring, realignment and practice, practice, and more practice. This is the sure and steady way to success.

If you say “No” at this point in time, you would have closed the door to something you have not considered.

If you are open to explore, then join Michael Tan and I on 11th March 2010 8:30pm Malaysian Time (11th march 7:30am US ET) on a live tele seminar, where I will be interviewing Michael on how he achieved his financial freedom and become a self made millionaire.

On the call, Michael will share the vehicle he uses and some tips that you too can use now. You can send in your questions prior to the call or raise your question during the call and we will have those addressed. What you need is a phone or a computer with an internet connection.  No travelling, not traffic jam, no need for baby sitters and no hassle. Just a whole lot of tips that will help you get started on your financial independence.

And the exciting thing is that Michael is willing to sponsor you if you want to learn more – that is if you are up for the challenge.

Even if you cannot attend the live call, I encourage you to sign up because all who sign up for the live interview call on financial freedom will have access to the recorded audio file. There will be tips that you can consider and experiment with.

And only to all who sign up, Michael has a significant gift for you. If you attend the call and are willing to take action, he has an even bigger gift for you to help you jump start you own financial exploration and education.

Michael will be packing a lot of information, tips and strategies that you can use to make that first step.

So are you open to consider Michael’s tool for financial freedom?

Whether you can achieve abundance or not is determined by your success mindset. You can take charge, do something about your dreams or you can lament and hope for the economy to change (or for an inheritance or a fluke of luck).

Nothing happens until you want it badly enough that you take action. "Life happens at the level of events, not of words". Alfred Adler. Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

If you are content with what you have today – this is not for you.

If you want to take your current state to the next level, to live in freedom and abundance, then come and explore. Get in the game if this is for you and make it work for you.

So sign up for the live phone interview here –> your Financial Abundance Workshop on 11th March 2010 8:30pm Malaysian time (this will be 7:30am US ET). Details of the call will be sent to you after you leave us your email details.

Pass on the information.  Let Abundance flow. The more you give, the more you will have to give. Share this to those who are also seeking guidance and information on attaining financial freedom so they have more options to consider.

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