Golds For the Singles

No, I don’t think there is anything intrinsically abundant about being a single.  However for those who are single-hearted, devoted and focused in purpose, mind and intention, there can be much abundance.  Read on and you will know what I mean.

Anyone who has been watching the Olympic athletes these past days will undoubtedly notice the intense focus and concentration that each athlete has as they each prepare for the kick off of their event.  I love watching the camera zoom in onto their facial expressions just before the gun goes off.  The real game has started long before the actual event on the track took place. The mental game that of conquering the inner voice in their heads will determine a great part of where they will end up in the final analysis.

That focused concentration and undivided attention got them through the many difficulties, barriers and the distractions as they tear down the tracks on unfamiliar grounds under hot and humid weather in Beijing.  What’s the application for us?

As we go through each "game" of our everyday lives we can:

1.   Keep Your Focus with single and undivided devotion on what counts; keep focus on that which you want and pursue

Without the crystal clear vision of what it is that you want, you will be discouraged by every obstacle and barrier that comes along your way.  Know what it is that you want to pursue and why that is important then fix your gaze on goal.  Let nothing pull or push your gaze and attention away from your vision.

2.   Turn Distractions Into Your Allies; Noise into Cheer

Every distraction that tempts you away from moving towards your original course will cost you your prized goal.  Everyday, there are distractions from all directions, and the biggest challenge that I see is the noise and critical voices that go on in your head.  That can cripple and paralyze you from going forward.  I wonder if these athletes have somehow learned to turn the static noise from the crowd into cheers that propel them towards their focused goal?

The next time you hear critical voices with negative conversations in your head, turn the dial and tune into a channel with a chorus of cheers which motivates you forward.  Reprogram that critical voice into the cheer leaders’ song.

3. Approach Obstacles With Tips From The Guides; there is a way to overcome

Every obstacle course in outward bound looks daunting and insurmountable at first blush. However, most if not all participants are able to conquer the obstacles after the Guides show them the way to approach the obstacles.  How is that possible?  There are tips and guidelines available, and I believe that the obstacles in our path are not there to stop us but to provide us an opportunity to approach it in a new and creative way.

Every invention starts with a problem.  Every obstacle has object lessons.  How do I reach the goal? Reach out for guidance and support and learn from those who have been there, done that.  Find a coach in your area, get guidance and be supported.

You can reach for the golds/goals in your life.  For real time, online support with group coaching facilities, click here to register and and you will be on your way to reach for your peak performance.

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