Do You Know What You Are Looking For?

Recently I have these questions posed to me: how do you decide which coaching academy to go with?   How do you choose?   Do you base it on Track Record?  Accreditation?  Mode of Delivery?  Cost?  Flexibility?  Who runs the organization etc?

They are many training providers around and I wonder if you get information overload doing your "research".  Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data out there?  They all seem to say similar things ….. And do you find yourself asking "So how do I differentiate among them?"  "What do the claims mean in practical terms to me?

Similarly, I was in a conversation recently about coaching as a profession.  Since the concept of coaching is still rather new in this part of the world, I often find myself having to explain what kind of a person a coach is and what she does.  Very often the follow on question I get from the conversation will be, ”So how do you choose your coach?", "how do you know if you have the right coach?”

So what do you look out for in a coach?   Would it be Title?  Skills?  Experience?  Knowledge? Affiliation?   Accreditation?  Or would it be Passion, Sense of Mission, a Big Heart?   Result?   Energy? Visibility?  Integrity?  Congruence? Alignment?

If I were to ask you how would you want your superior or manager to look like?  Or perhaps what sort of a person would you want as a potential partner or companion?  What will you be looking for?

This is an important exercise to go through.  How we make our decision tells us a lot about ourselves
.  And how do you know if you have made the “right” decision?

I love to hear from you.

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