Solo Mama Land?

In 1996, 25% of children in US lived with a single parent, about 80% of these are led by single mothers.  Of this group, the most common consists of divorced/separated mothers (~ 60%), followed by never-married mothers (~ 25%) and then there is the rising trend of single mothers by choice.

This is a group of financially independent women, who has the financial autonomy to consider mothering alone, with the education and maturity to seek single motherhood through adoption or artificial insemination.  It is estimated that at least 25% of the 125,000 adoptions in the US each year involve single women.

Many single mothers I am in contact with express that they feel isolated and alone, overstressed, over worked and lacking in support as they seek to make the most of this challenging situation. Many work as solo entreprenuers from home.

They are looking for encouragement, an understanding ear, and concrete support structures that will help them reduce the level of stress and make positive changes and in their daily lives as they perform the juggling act for a thousand things needing attention at the same time!

The scene in the UK is not that much different.  UK has one of the highest proportions of single parent families in the EU.  Half of all co-habiting couples who have children split up by the time the child is five.  BBC three launched a radical experiment last year in Pramface Mansion that sees 10 single mothers and their children live together for over a month for support and community life. 

I want to take it a step further and start having live tele-seminars for single mamas all over the world to come together on a regular basis and share of your challenges in the various aspects of real world life.   And together in this small community, we will seek to offer support and help as you move forward with the mammoth task of raising your lovely children in solo land.

Group coaching will be offered and it is my hope and desire that you will find the vision and strength to live this very challenging yet rewarding life.  This will be a place where you will find empathy, support, appreciation, and empowerment; judgment will be suspended. 

We will be more interested to want to move forward towards a brighter and more fulfilling life and you will be able to bounce off ideas on the myriads of questions such as how to raise confident, happy healthy children who are self-assured, how to balance work and family life, how to maintain healthy life style, and whether or not you would want to consider a relationship somewhere down the line etc.

Although we do not offer counseling nor legal advice, I am sure you will find this group coaching/tele-seminar helpful in awakening your inner potential to rise up to the challenges of your very special journey of solo "mama"ing Young or mature, and no matter how you arrived at solo mama land, I look forward to welcoming you to the soft launch of my secured and private solo mama land. 

You are more than welcome to extend invitation to anyone who may find this helpful.  Opt in on the "Event" tab and I will talk to you next Monday at 10:00am Eastern Time!  And in case you cannot make it to this one, watch out for other upcoming tele-seminars in the month of July and August. 

So come on in and check it out; my co-host and I will be welcoming you warmly this coming Monday.  Talk to you on the web soon!

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