Workplace Stress In Action

Executives having work stressThis stuff called work related stress is real and rampant. It is seething and brewing and will boil over. Watch out for danger and warning signs! I wouldn't want to be near anyone who is bottling up stress!


Workplace Stress – Caught In Action

Anger and uncontrolled emotions has prevailed over many.  Stress that has accumulated is precariously ready to break out anytime – affecting those around them, at work or at home.

You don't want to wait till the volcano erupts.  Prevention is always better than cure.  Many times these actions leave deep scars in those on the receiving ends, those closet to us, our family members and close friends.

Manage and take control of the stress before it controls you. Now is a good time to assess your stress level. Take stock and take actions to release some pent up stress. Set up some action steps to help you stay on top of and manage this monstrous workplace stress.

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