What Else Do You Look For In A Coach?

I am a fan of self development and growth. If we are not growing we are dying – yes that’s how strong it is. There is no two ways about it. If you are not moving in a focused manner towards a clear target, you will be carried away by every wind or to use another analogy, you will be washed downstream.

So are you charting your own path or are you passively being blown in every direction in your daily life (or your business for that matter)?

In charting my own destiny and taking responsibility for my own life, I look for role models. I see what successful people do and I model after them. They way they think, they way they take action, they way they run their own lives and businesses.

Because success is not an accident, it is planned and executed with care and effort. So what do you look for in a coach? Apart from the non negotiable of an integrity and a code of ethics, a passion to add value and make a difference and the knowhow, I would look for the following:

Certification – the world places a lot of weight on certification. Note the credentials of the certifying body. If a coach is certified by an independent industry authoritative body, it gives an assurance of some measures of quality. However, we are all aware of the weaknesses of any examination or education system. Numbers and grades tell one side of the story.

Yet this is one condition you want to check out. When everyone jumps on the bandwagon and calls themselves a consultant, a trainer or a coach, you want to have some level of comfort that this person has gone through some structured training that has been evaluated by some independent authority in the field.

Results – This will tell you more about your coach. Does he use theories and methodologies from the books or has he used and tried it out and find it to work? Talk is cheap. You want to look for results. The best theories can be outdated and often out of context for your market or your culture. One size does not fit all, it never does and it never will.  What results do you see your coach enjoying in the are you want to model upon?     

A Proven System and Methodology – This is a must. If there is not system and process, the successes cannot be duplicated or modelled upon. Success does not happen by chance, it is the working out of a proven system with consistent effort that brings about the desired results.

Social Proof – Are others benefiting from his service? How many people has this person helped and how has he helped? Tony Robin says he has touché millions of life in over so many countries. Well, not many coaches can claim that, yet there must be social proof. I am not asking you to be a blind follower and tag after popular figures. I am asking that you look for coaches with big vision and big hearts to bring about great impact and changes to the lives of others.

If you like to find a trusted coach, write to me, I know some of the best coaches in the industry. Or you can book a complimentary session with me and we can explore this further.

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