Coaches Need Input Too

Here's what the Tony Robin has to say about why some people achieve success while others do not. Take careful notes of his golden nuggets especially in the first 10 minutes or so.  What shapes your destiny? Your state? Your model of the world? Your Long Term Needs?

Whether you are a coach or a corporate professional, whether you work from the home office or the corner office, you are constantly serving and giving.  And it is not uncommon that you get burnt out being the provider.  At some point, you too need to take care of yourself, you need fresh input, fresh perspective and you need motivation and fuel to carry on. 

Imagine what a weekly masterminding group will do to you. You set a time for your self care, to set the intentions and action plans for the things you want to accomplish.  You set the pulse for the actions you want to take.  You invest one hour a week and you get loads of focus perspectives and suggestions, suggestions for you to check and try out.

In this mastermind group, every one is respected, your time is respected and the meeting will start and end on time. There is focus conversation and you get your alloted 7 minutes to ask your questions and get expert input from the group. You also get accountability, as you declare your SMART goals every week. 

To find out a little more about what masterminding is and how Andrew Carnegie would conduct his own mastermind, get a free report here.  Andrew was not the richest man by accident, he planned and worked towards it and he tapped into collective wisdom of his mastermind group that meets regularly and in a structured manner.

I like to model the actions of successful people, and the mastermind group that I lead will be modeled upon Carnegie's own construct, using the exact words he used for both the opening and the closing of the mastermind. 

Write to before 23rd Nov for a spot in the upcoming mastermind. I will be opening up a month of complimentary trial to 7 highly motivated person who is looking to get their solo business off the ground.

If you know what results you want for your business and have not been able to get into the action then tap into the wisdom and minds of 7 other highly motivated persons in the industry who have or are facing similar issues.

Experience how the mastermind can keep the pulse of your business and propel you forward.  You can decide if you want to stay on after the initial month and when you do, you will pay only a subsidized fee. The Mastermind Group is due to commence the week of 23rd Nov, so book your spot now.

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