Degeneration or Growth? Shrinking or Expanding?

It’s the end of another month, this has been a special month of growing and expanding; of going places I have not dared ventured before emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   And as I launch out and expand the space before me, abundance opens up and greeted me.  I begin to occupy a bigger space playing a bigger game.

Learning has always involved an element of conquering new grounds for me, whether it is leadership development or personal development.  And you can choose to remain on familiar ground and be quite content with that or you can choose to expand your experiences by taking on new belief systems with new perspectives, cultivating new habits and gaining new strength and energy.

Please do not think that you can remain in status quo if you choose not to move forward.  You degenerate if you do not constantly regenerate.  As a guru puts it, "You are dying
if you are not growing".   You are on a journey, and if you are not putting in conscious effort to move forward, you will be swept backwards by the waves and tides that push against you.

Case in point, I have neglected my yoga stretches the past few months giving in to one excuse after another and to my astonishment, I suddenly realized that I had not been attending classes for a good 3 months!  You can imagine what it was like when I first resumed my classes. I could barely do half the things that came so easily to me before.  I could hardly hold in a half moon position and my warrior post was a little more shaky that I would like a warrior post to be.

Growing is simply occupying new and bigger space,
places we were not comfortable occupying before.  Growing is opening up to and taking hold of the abundance around us.  I invite you take stock and see where you are today and where you want to be within a certain period of time.  And then ask yourself what needs to happens for you to expand and embrace the abundance around and within you.

As you are taking on new perspectives and developing new thinking patterns, there will be some soreness and you will feel that it is a little uncomfortable and unnatural. 
Some muscle soreness after exercising is good though, it is a sign that you are strengthening and toning them.  So take a little break to let it heal and develop before you stretch those muscles again.  Then go back for more exercises and keep practising; the more you practice the better you get at it and you will be a stronger, bigger more grounded person. <

If you find yourself a single mom suddenly (not by choice but by circumstances), you will feel like you are thrown into unfamiliar ground and into the deep end of the ocean.  And if you suddenly realize that your teenage boy is creating "moments" in the household, you will be wondering how you are going to handle the situation. 

I want to remind you that growing involve stretching beyond what’s comfortable and familiar.  Growing is making little progress consistently over a period of time.  I want to encourage you to be consistent in taking the little baby steps and practise, practise, practise until you build your muscles to take on more capacity. And I look forward to hearing you share your success story of what that growing and expansion has meant for you!




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