How Tensions and Growing Pains Can Benefit You

You are surrounded by different pressures every day.  Some of which you can foresee and some came out of nowhere.  Pressures and challenges did not happen to you before – you were not ready. They do not happen to others – they are not ready.  Pressures happen to you – because it is appropriate for you now.  Tension and pressure are tools that can help you grow. They signify that you are ready for the next phase of development.

Read on for principles that will help you understand how pressures can work to your advantage.

In 2007, I was told that our entire department will be closed off due to a change in business strategy. I sense chaos and knew there was a plan in this. 

Principle 1: Chaos precedes growth and development.

There were moments of uncertainty and concerns – I had commitments and mortgages to pay and a lifestyle to maintain. But something tells me this is the time to come out and do what I want to do instead of hitting another rat-race.

I turned my backs to the corporate world and put my entire energy into building my professional coaching practice instead of doing it on the sideline.

There were fears, uncertainties and worries. But I also knew that this is something I want to try. Were there doubts?  You bet.  But I went ahead and confronted my fears, my worries and doubts.  I also hired a trusted business coach to help me navigate the unchartered waters.

Principle 2: Take On The Challenge, Put In Plans And Structures

I put myself through training, I learned to do cold calls and schedule appointments, I made presentations, I learned negotiation skills. I signed up for sales workshops and yearlong development programs with some of the best international teachers.  I do the drills.  I read and I asked for advice from anyone and everyone. I followed instructions and implemented every piece of advice.

Instead of giving in to excuses and staying in the comfort zone, I slowly evolved into someone who took on challenges and became quite good at what I do.  Once you open up yourself to taking on the challenge, you find that there are many things which you can achieve.

Principle 3: Process Of Growing Invites Obstacles

Has it been easy? No, not at all. There was no blood, but certainly lots of sweat and tears.

Will you grow? Sure you will.  So much.

Whenever pressure or obstacles are in your way – it only means that you are ready for the challenge and that you are moving in the right direction.

Would I be where I am today had pressures not appeared?

No way. I would have stayed in my comfort zone.<

Motion invites obstacles. Think of it this way, if you are not in motion, there will be no obstacles. There will be no distractions – because you are not in motion. There is no growth, no life, no momentum.

The minute you have a goal and are moving towards it, that's when distractions and obstacles will appear out of no where.

So, are pressures good? They are a sign that you are ready that you are in motion, growing, developing, and moving onto the next phase.

Do not shun them. Embrace them. Welcome them. Triumph over them.  But make no mistake, it will so stretch you.  You will feel the tension.  But embrace it, face it.

After you crossed the line of transformation, you become a newer, stronger, bigger, better you. Perturbation has just transformed you into a work of art.

So fear not.  Shun not your pressures. Learn instead to manage them and you will live a successful, fulfilling life.

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