New Perspectives Through New Colored Lenses?

As you know we are preparing to move and when it comes to fitting the furniture in the new place, we have this great idea that we will "lift and shift" – pretty much have the same layout but in a new environment.  We really don’t need to have too many change, we have gotten comfortable with the old settings.  The good old cozy feeling of knowing exactly where everything is.

I wonder if that reflects our innate resistance to change?  I remember Harv Eker insisting that we change our seating positions after every lunch break at his conferences and workshops.   This is so that we get to see things from a difference angle with different
perspectives.  Guess how many people actually move from their positions?  We all have our own favorite "positions" in life which we hold onto and protect, right?

Perhaps it is time to put on a different colored lens today?  (No, I am not advertising for any contact lens company and I am not wanting to have blue eyes).  We bring with us years of conditioning and set ways of looking at life, at people and situation.   Perhaps it is time to challenge those beliefs and conditioning and try looking at life from different colored lens?   Life may look quite different!   This shift in perspective alone may save you from many misunderstandings.

Surely there is more than one set way of looking at this abundant life around us?   How about taking a different route to work today?   You may have new insights!

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