Less is More – actually One Is Good

Dedicated to the Single-Hearted – Are You Doing Mono or Multi?

‎Any musician would have great motor co-ordination. You need to do different things with each hand (fingers even) and your legs could be playing to a completely different rhythm – And you could be singing or blowing an instrument at the same time too.

Just for fun, try this – draw a circle with your left hand and a triangle with your right at the same time – that's conducting 101 … Music is fun, love it.

Multi-tasking is not new. In fact many of us have been training to multi-task. Work-at-home-moms, well working moms in general are really good at multi-tasking (dads too, sometimes one wears more hats than the other).  The number of balls they juggle in the air amazingly stay in the air – kudos. Unfortunately there is a price to pay. They need to balance and harmonize those balls and they need to relax and re-charge whenever they can for the long haul.  

For years I have been doing live simultaneous translations and playing the keyboard at the back of the hall and I could never understand why I felt so drained after wards. Those were the days …

Granted that some sort of multi-tasking is unavoidable, I am now learning a new skill – mono tasking.

I rather work on one thing at one time, complete it and move onto the next than do 2 things at the same time.  Multi-tasking drains you of resources, and you don't see results as fast.

Stay single, stay focus. Attempting to do too many things at one time will force you to divide your attention and you will feel pulled in different directions and scattered. Trust me, I know that feeling. So prune and trim your activities and keep life simple.

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Additional Resource: I found this article that I resonant with. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one reversing to being simple and focus …

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