How Do I Know What My Core Values Are?

We talked about having visions aligned with your value.
So how does one know her core values?
Great question. Time for another simple exercise together.

Who is your hero (idol)?
Don't think too much, just name the first person that comes to mind.

Next, ask "What do you admire about him/her?"
Is it her work? Her character? Her contribution?
Again don't think too much, just write it down.

There on your piece of paper you have identified the traits or characters that you admire and and therefore value. These are your core values that you subconsciously cherish and give weight to.

Now you can do this exercise again and ask "Who else do you admire and why?"
Go through and notice if there is any noticeable trend. When you see a few characters or traits recurring, you now know with more certainty the things that you fundamentally value and would like to have in your life (or at least to pursue).

Simple exercise, right? Yet it provides great insight. Now that you know why you admire your hero, I have another question for you.  How is knowing your value going to help you in living a more fulfilling and stress-free life?

Check and see if what you do daily are in alignment with developing the values you have just identified. Things you do at work and at home.  If your life constantly requires you to be or do things that are contrary to the values you cherish, you are going to suffer tension and pressure pulling you in different direction.

Next step: as we build ourselves up on our core values we want to also look for ways to pass on these values to others around us. When we add value to others' lives, we are going to find strength and vitality to live through tiring and challenging days. There will be a joy in our steps even as we go through trials because we know that the present discipline is worthy of the future prize. Our vision will strengthen us to work towards our dream.

However, when there is a conflict between your values and your work or life; you are going to dislike, even resent the things you do and sometimes the person that you are. There will be frustration and pressure and you are not going to be happy.

So make use of today's exercise and find out a little more about the things that you value in your life
. Whether it is a character trait, a thing or a state of being.

Then go live a life of purpose and joy, doing what you like and are passionate about.  And any challenges that come your way will not be perceived as dead ends. Instead, you will find the key to overcome the apparent challenges.  Try it and experience the fulfillment of living in alignment with your core values.

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