Who Needs A Coach?

The Seminar organised by the Lai Chee Women’s Association sees 120 parents, teachers and the public turned up for the event.  It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning were we gathered to learn about cardio care for the women as well how we can live colourful and meaningful lives with its inevitable challenges; including graceful aging in the sunset years.

Dr Yap brings with him years of experience from the UK and specialised expertise and showed us practical ways of what can be done on our part to reduce the chance of contracting the various cardio diseases.  Contrary to common beliefs, the onset of any problem can start as early as in our 20s.  We were advised to look into lifestyle and go for for mandatory annual medical check up.

Women today has longer life span and the sun set years can be substantially longer yet more enjoyable if we know how to appreciate ourselves and administer self care.  Ms Linda rightly pointed out that many women live “sacrificially” and may feel “guilty” when they “spend” on medical check ups and more healthy lifestyle.  Ms Linda too went into very down to earth ways where women can live happy, healthy and meaningful sunset years, pointing out what signs to look out for and what we can do in each case. 

It was a beautiful morning and the participants were so involved and engaged that many stayed back to ask additional questions to the panel.  Throughout the seminar Q&A and during the networking time the questions put across to me circle around “Who can benefit from having a coach?” Will students and teenagers benefit from having a coach?  What about the parents?  And the stay-at-home mum too?  What about the career mum? 

Today, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, sales professionals and people in transition are some of the those seeking to have their own professional coaches.  Make no mistakes, these are not people in “trouble” but are all successful, resourceful, and intelligent individuals who want to get even more out of their lives.

In today’s world staying the same is not an option, if you are not improving you are getting left behind.  Or in Harv Eker’s word, if you are not growing than you are dying.  I want to do better every day, I want to achieve more and perform better, reach further and wider, be more effective and that’s why I hire my own coach. 

I know I can’t see my own mistakes, I know I have my blind spots and my tunnel vision needs expanding.  I know I am not content to remain the same year after year.  Technology advances has made it possible for me to connect with my own coach across the miles over the phone every week for strategies, collaboration, energy, focused work that capitalise on the most important areas that will bring in the most results, accountability, aligning values to my goals and challenging me to go beyond what I think I possibly can.  Coaching is leading tool that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. 

Perhaps that is why we are not surprise to know that Tiger Woods has his own personal coach and so does Donald Trump and Oprah and Brad Pitt.  Jack Canfield’s advise for us is to go hire a personal coach in his “Success Principle” book. 

So who needs a coach?  I do and I think you too will beneift greatly from hiring your own personal coach.

Till next time,
From your Life/Executive Coach

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