New Year Blues Need Not Stress You Out

We are into the New Year!  And I received my first text message before 7:00am this morning!  The sender tells me that she is unhappy with her current job and wants to resign.  I am reminded that the beginning of a New Year is just a very common time for people to feel the New Year blues.  Doctors have warned of depression or anxiety brought on by the New Year.

After endless excitement of excessive partying over the holidays, some are exhausted and experiencing hangover with merry drinking.  And they are also aware that they are heading back to work in a day or two.  Back to the daily routine; back to where they were.  Nothing has changed since the holiday first started.

And the alcohol which they enjoyed, apart from adding to the blues and their weight has not made their challenges go away.  It has probably added to the depression. They are now aware that they may have over spent, been over eating and over drinking during the holidays.  The body is lethargic and overloaded with sugar and alcohol.

And some probably would have broken their New Year resolution by now and feels terrible about it – yes, we are talking about day one.  Setting of New Year resolution and goals are not to be done lightly. If goals are not set properly, they can bring about more harm than good.

For those who are alone, festive period just highlighted the sense of aloneness and isolation.  It is no wonder that the sense of emptiness and mild depression sets in.  So what do we do?

Be kind to yourself and not allow the stress of hopelessness, helplessness, and isolation to overcome you.  The question to ask is not "How did I end up here?" But rather "Where do I go from here?" And the appropriate response will be "The next step."  Deal with the issues one step at a time.

Be kind to your body.  Let your body take the much needed rest to recuperate from the stress and strain.  Give yourself lots of water to keep your body hydrated.  Some warm herbal tea will also be helpful. Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself yet you need to give it the right environment to do its work.

Tell yourself it is alright to face reality and feel "lost" for a little while until you get your bearings again.  If there are lingering stress, talk it over with someone; articulating the issues releases stress and helps you see it in a different light.  Calm yourself down so you are able to have clarity of your mind.  You will be able to see things in its perspectives to take the next step.

Set yourself up for success. You want to set realistic yet outstanding New Year goals.  Set your expectations right.  Although you may have the long term goal of not needing to work again, you want to shoot for the next step in your plan. That may be clearing all bad debts and building your case for the next $100 thousand deal.  Simplifying your expenditures and planning to pay all bills on time may be another practical yet effective goal.

Get into action.  Thinking about the goal will not bring about any change and will not get you out of the rut.  Start with small steps and work from there.  Setting up structures and getting an accountability partner will be helpful.

New Year need not stress you out. The New Year is full of hope and life. You can set outstanding yet achiveable goals for your health, career, relationship and business. You can tap into your inner potential for great success.

If you want support in setting your personal and professional goals, feel free to drop us a note on the Contact Us Page for a complimentary strategy session.  I will help you set goals, structures and accountability that will bring you to the next level of abundance.  You can also claim your free mini e-course and audio on stress relief tips here.  I partner you for your success.

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