Secrets Of Nutrition: Feed Your Body, Live Energized And Calm

I came across this article recently and thought that it brings across a poignant point that has been bugging me for a while. Since it is so well written, I just ask for permission to replublish it here. Article begins here:

"NEWS: Former Starbucks employee reveals the ugly truth about caffeine, the most-widely abused drug on the planet.

To: Coffee Lovers
From: Lucas Rockwood (Former Bean Junkie) 

Dear Coffee Lover,
If you go straight from your bed to your coffee maker each morning, if you freak out when you run out of beans, and if you sometimes let out a sound like this, “aaaaaah yeaaaah” after your first sip of Joe in the morning…

… then you, my friend, are a coffee junkie! Welcome to the club, 3 billion strong and growing every day.

A least ½ the population is nursing a moderate-to-severe dependency on some form of caffeine. What I mean by dependency is that if you don’t have it, you’ll get a splitting migraine by noon, you’ll be severely constipated for 2 days, and you’ll be THE most unpleasant person in the office.

That’s dependency.

For most, the beverage is coffee, but I have friends who suck down enough Diet Cokes, green tea or even yerba mattes to create the exact same “nervous system fry” as a quadruple Grande Americano (and yes, that IS a real drink, and yes, I’ve had many).

Make no mistake, coffee is NOT part of a well-balanced breakfast. It’s just a pathetic substitute for what your body really wants—micro nutrients!

Here’s Why Coffee is Death to Yoga (a healthy life):

Adrenal Depletion: your adrenal glands secrete adrenalin in emergencies—like during a car accident—but when you knock back 2 shots of espresso, you’re tricking your body into releasing epinephrine and norepinephrine, the same hormones released during any crisis. So now, your body reacts to your morning commute the same way it would to a saber tooth tiger pouncing on your head. This is a totally inappropriate use of your body’s resources.

To put yourself in a “fight or flight” state of mind first thing in the morning might feel invigorating, but it also makes you irritable, unfocused, and somewhat frantic.

Increased Stress: ever notice that when you’re stressed out you can’t sleep? Logically, if you want to wake up then, you just need to get stressed out, right? This is exactly what caffeine does. It triggers very measurable stress reactions including increased heart rate, perspiration, wonky blood sugar levels, and heightened muscle tension (read: stiffness).

Do you really need more stress in your life?

Bad Mood Joe: studies have shown that caffeine intake correlates to reduced serotonin levels. Serotonin is the feel-good neurotransmitter responsible for happy people everywhere. Those with low or altered serotonin levels are usually classified as clinically depressed. But hey, at least they’re awake!

Vitamin Deficiency: An over-stimulated body is much more likely to become depleted in vitamins (vitamins ward off oxidative stress); ironically, the same vitamins that would normally provide an energy boost all on their own.

Death to Yoga: advanced yoga practice and meditation is all about balance, particularly of the nervous system. Stimulants of all kinds, and caffeine in particular, create immediate imbalances that quickly turn chronic. Not good.

Caffeine in all its forms is also a strong diuretic that leads to dehydration. Since some 75+% of the population is already dehydrated, caffeine just makes things worse. For yoga students, no water = a stiff/sore body…

There is more to Lucas' story. And the best part is that Lucas has agreed to come onto a call with me as we discuss using the right food to feed and nourish our bodies, to maintain good health and to handle stress around us.  To join us for the free call, just sign up here it is free. If you cannot join us for the call, register anyway and you will have access to the recorded replay.  

Lucas Rockwood us a yoga teacher trainer, a nutritional coach, a vegan chef, and writer.  He studied raw food at the The Tree of Life in Arizona with Gabriel Cousens and later went on to run Caravan of Dreams, New York City’s long-standing, iconic vegetarian restaurant.

He has travelled from Los Angeles to New York City, than later in Bangkok and Hong Kong, studying, teaching and experimenting with a holistically healthy life style. Lucas has made time to share with us his secret to a healthy life style. You can then decide how far you want to go with the concepts learned.

Leave your most urgent questions for the call in the comment session below and we will have them answered on the call.

4 comments on “Secrets Of Nutrition: Feed Your Body, Live Energized And Calm

  1. There are certainly a lot of claims good and bad about coffee/caffeine out there but I really think it is important to distinguish the AMOUNT of consumption you are talking about. Like most things, moderation is key. For example, caffeine only becomes a diuretic when consumed in amounts above 575 milligrams or about 3.8 Grande Cafe's at about 150 mg of caffeine each. The effect of 16 oz. ordinary brewed coffee can enhance mood and mental and physical performance, but higher than 575 mg. can cause anxiety and upset stomach.
    Moderate amounts of caffeine can be quite beneficial. It is found naturally in over 60 plant species worldwide–regardless of its' source, caffeine is caffeine. Some of the benefits include increased energy, mental alertness, and an aid in weight management.
    Obviously, people who are sensitive to caffeine or take medications that can interact adversely to caffeine should beware… but for most of us… MODERATION is fine.

    • Hi Lauren, Your Nutritional Coach hat is showing!
      Generally I do believe in moderation, the best things when used in excess can harm.
      However, I also believe that there are some things better left undone or unused even when they do not pose any harm if used in moderation. Case in point will be skipping meals or sleeping late.
      If I do that once or twice will not kill, however, by so doing I will be subjecting my body to greater stress even if it does not kill.
      I am thankful that our bodies can deal with our “abuse” miraculously. So if I can, I try not to abuse it too much.
      Having said that, I am a coffee lover, so it takes great commitment for me to not take it. I am replacing it with other drinks …
      Thanks for your input though!

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