Facial Yoga To Replace Botox?

Check this out, this is one free and healthy way to maintain the firmness of your face, wrinkle free.  Exercise that you can do sitting down where ever you happen to be.  

It is touted to rid your eyes of toxins and tone facial muscles for great looking facial muscles.  All you need to do is to move and play with your face, your eyes, your mouth and your tongue!  Kind of liberating.  And the Lion’s Roar is said to regulate and balances breathing and get rid of some stale air.

For added benefit, I recommend doing the exercises in front of a mirror.  A good laugh will surely brighten up your day and open up your mind for more creative and productive work.  What better way to a better overall well being?  Or why not try doing it with your children before bedtime have some fun with it too! Click on the link in the box and follow the instructions!  Have Fun!

   Are You Ready for Facial Yoga?

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