Festive Stress – Finances, Family, Food and Friendship

It’s the week of Christmas!  Partying has started and work is winding down.   If you have not done your Christmas shopping yet you have good reasons to feel a little anxious!  It’s the frantic last minute rush to be ready for the holidays.

Festivity brings a sense of anticipation of joy, celebration and reunion.  Yet it can be a taxing time especially in times of economic downturn and when you are on your own.

How do you handle the strain on finances with festive season expenditure and gift shopping? 

Big family gathering can be emotionally stressful and sometimes “makes you go crazy”.

For those are single or recently singled, there is the sense of loneliness and depression from the recent break up or lost.   How do you get through festive season on your own when everyone else is with their loved ones?

And for those with endless partying that lasts for days, there is the stress of needing to get back into shape.

How do you deal with these? Join me for a free call and we will address these issues.

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