Those Powerful Feelings

OK, here’s another episode of 5-minute Quick Tip with Louisa on audio.
And the scenario for this episode goes like this:
– You acknowledge that you experience different emotions throughout the day
– Some lift you up while others drag you down

You tried ignoring, suppresing and denying that these emotions exist
so you can continue with your “work”.

And you found that this method does not work.

Unresolved emotions builds up under the surface and they get out of control.
They consume you and drive you crazy.
And they can explode like a volcano in your face!

While you may want to sing from the top of the world on certain some days
You feel like screaming on top of your voice at other times

– So what do you do with the emotions?
– How do you live with your emotions and not it take over you?

Grab a cup of coffee or green tea or (white tea is the latest) and
Click on the Play button below to access audio

Enjoy the 5-minute Quick Tip with Louisa.
And let us know how it worked for you by sharing your comments here.

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