Relaxed and Rejuvenated For The Long Haul

I just realized that I have not posted in a while!

Over the holidays, due to the under sea cables that were damaged, the internet connection speed was so slow it was a challenge for me to continue my work on line.   After repeated attempts, I realize that perhaps this is a message for me to go catch up on some much needed relaxation and rest.

I took time off for a great acupressure massage,  tried the Chinese ancient detoxification treatment (kua sha), met up with friends for tea, caught up on my sleep and enjoyed reading days with nice soothing music playing in the background.  It was time to immerse myself into the words of writers and to soak in perls of wisdom from the books I was reading.  I also stepped up on stretching those tied muscles by doing some hot yoga.   That was truly a great time of rejuvenation!

It feels great to be refreshed.  Those chill out time has put a zest back into my slightly lethargic mind and body.   I am certainly making sure that I will incorporate more of of these into my 2009 schedule.  After all we perform best when there is balance in what we take in and what we give out.

As things are swinging back into momentum and routine, you can look out for more posts here.  And if you too are looking at managing stress in the coming year, you may want to listen to an audio on tips for managing stress here.    

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