How Are You (Feeling)?

We talked about living with our emotions this morning (or evening, depending on which part of the word you are in).   We are wholesome people with body, mind and emotions/spirits.  Our emotions control our thinking which controls our behavior and actions.  To live abundantly wholesome lives, we are committed to taking care of our mental, physical and emotional health.  How are you dealing with your Emotions, especially negative emotions?

Do you:

  •   Push your emotions aside and ignore them?

  •   Pretend that certain events did not take place?

  •   Turn to Comfort Food and Overeating?

  •   Turn to excessive alcohol?

  •   Regularly depend on prescription drugs and tranquillizers?

  •   Turn to taking relief and comfort in excessive work outs and exercising?

  •   Keep yourself overly busy so you numb yourself and don’t have time to feel?

  •   Resort to over analysing and over thinking so you don’t listen to your intuition?

  •   Waste in front of meaningless TV programs?

  •   Shop till you drop?

  •   Keep a brave front yet remain detached and aloof?

  •   Bury your emotions while appearing calm giving impression that things are under control?

In this high tech and modern society, we are taught by culture to ignore or hide our emotions (positive or negative),  we learn to develop our intellectual faculty while we play down on our feelings.  Sometimes to the extent that we become afraid of expressing and showing them.  However, we are lovely, feeling, emotional beings with heart and soul beside our wonderfully intelligent brain.  We are born with emotions and it will be beautiful if we learn to live with them.  This could mean learning how to treat our emotions, sit with them, feel them, enjoy or release them.

Some people ignore or suppress their emotions. Do you feel tired, drained of energy, lethargic, sometime “couldn’t care less”, sometimes a little (or lot) depressed without any apparent cause? Do you feel yourself getting angry at events or person for no apparent reason and sometime much later after the event have taken place?  Do you go about your day in a normal fashion and suddenly find yourself exploding in anger at something very insignificant and trivial?

You cannot change, fight or control these powerful emotions. You can learn to be with them, live with them, manage them and experience calmness, joy, fulfillment and contentment.   Join us in Part II of our seminar on managing emotions on the 12th Sept.  Share with us your ways of handling emotions and find out how others are managing their emotions. Register here bu clicking on this link: and reserve yourself a free seat at the phone seminar.

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