Facebook 101 – Stress-Free Guide For Newbies

Facebook 101 – Stress-Free Guide For Those Who Do Not Have Time

500 million people are using facebook now. They are using it to connect with friends and family as well as to promote their products and services. If you are going to use your facebook account to communicate with different categories of people, there are some useful tips you need to know so you do not upset your "friends" or the guys at facebook.

Whether you are new to facebook or not, this video (and others on the way) will be helpful to lay the foundation for building out your business, marketing or relationship network.  If you want to get the maximum done with minimal information/training while maintaining privacy and playing within facebook's rules, check this video out.

1. All you need is One Profile Account. 

2. Read and follow the terms set out. 

3. Lay the foundation and build your network slowly and steadily. More on this in coming posts.

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