Your Thoughts And Your Reality

One minute can seem like a really long time when we are trying to focus or "endure".  When we are faced with situations that are less favorable, there are different choices that we can make.

Each decision will bring with it different outcomes. Many times we may be able to change the situation, sometimes we cannot.  The more you want to change the situation the more frustrated and stress-out you get.  So what do you do? 

Coaches and NLP people talk of reframing and taking a different perspective. Reframing or adopting a different perspective is not an escape route to avoid reality, but a way to master our mind and the voices that are trying to control us. This young Ninja has an insight for us.  

Action item:
– What are the flies bothering you right now?
– How do you maintain the peace and calmness in your heart?
– What actions or behaviors will get you the results you want?
– How can you maintain focus doing what you have set out to do and not let the flies distract you?

Emotion is a powerful thing and having control over our emotions is more important that we realize. Uncontrolled emotions can lead us astray.  Try reframing and get into your most powerful and resourceful state.  Remember too that what you focus on will expand. So what will you focus your energy on? That which bothers you or the result which you want to create?

Ancient Chinese sages have a saying for us: when the heart is calm and quiet, you will naturally feel "cool" (心靜自然凉). So what is your reality today?   

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13 comments on “Your Thoughts And Your Reality

  1. This put a spin on an old joke I knew… Three Samurai swordsmen are in a bar (…sorry, bear with me) and there is an annoying fly buzzing about. The first swordsman immediately swings his sword, and the fly drops neatly in 2 halves. Before you know it, there is another fly buzzing about and the second Samurai swings his sword twice and the fly drops neatly in 3 pieces. Next… there is yet another annoying fly buzzing about and the 3rd Samurai swings his sword once, and the fly takes off! The other swordsmen look at him shocked and ask… Why did you miss?! The 3rd swordsman answers… I didn't! But he will never reproduce!
    So Louisa… your reality is only the "meaning" you give it.

    • Hi Lauren,

      What a great illustration and thanks for sharing.
      It is interesting how we can “see” better in the third person looking onto a metaphor. No wonder the great Master Teacher used lots of parables in His teachings.

      Hopefully the images of these warriors will come back to remind us of the choices we have as we craft our realities 🙂


    • Hi Marchelle,

      So glad you find this helpful.
      It is a good thing to be able to laugh and to be grateful.
      Indeed you have summarized it so succinctly; it is the attitude that will determine our reality.


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