You Cannot Change The Economy, But You Can Change Your Philosophy

When I heard that Mr Jim Rohn had passed us on on the 5th Dec, I know he will be greatly missed.  I went to his quotes and was savoring the width and depth of the wisdom of his teaching.

I had read these words before, but they now speak to me in a different way. Profound wisdom drawn from everyday yet delivered with such unassuming simplicity and sincerity!

This is a 6-minute video that can be be life-changing for you. Grab your coffee, take a deep breadth and be open to receive and absorb …


Some golden quotes from this video include:
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

"Things don't cost too much, you can't afford them."

"If you want to reach things on the higher shelf you have to stand on the books you read."

"Success is something you attract by the person you become, not something you chase."

"Your income is directly related to your philosophy not your economy."

"Not to search for the exotic until you have discovered the basics. The basic disciplines is personal development."

This last quote reminds me of the "wax on and wax off" process prescribed by the kung-fu master to the rookie apprentice. It is so important to work on the basics before we flap our wings to fly. And as you work hard to lay the foundations (which is often below the ground and may not have results to show), know that the exotic will one day come; when we have mastered the basics.

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6 comments on “You Cannot Change The Economy, But You Can Change Your Philosophy

    • You are lucky!

      In my part of the world, we look forward to great development teachers when they take time to meet us in Asia so we can learn from them. I amthankful for even organizers who bring us the masters and the gurus.

      Am grateful too for technology that makes it possible for us today to "attend" and re attend events of all these gurus. While I enjoy a good book any day, I now have the company of all my gurus whether I am driving around town or working out in the gym with my mp3 player close to my side.

      I cannot think of a better way to absorb and soak in their teaching and philosophy than to listen to it over and over again, to ponder, to reflect, to plan, to act and then to experience.

      We will miss Mr Rohn and his light will continue to shine in and through us…


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