What Makes You A Prodcutive Trail Blazer And Not A Reactive Fire Fighter?

Majority of people begin their work day with checking emails and diving into addressing one crisis or another. A typical day at work may feel like you are rushing through tasks and projects and attending to whatever is most urgent and pressing. Goals? Well, those are around too, but many just do not get round to these carefully crafted goals and mission statements.

It is also not uncommon that projects are delayed for months, even years or that they may be pushed out the door in haste in an effort to “go live” with a bang. Sometimes testing has not been done and you go into fire fighting mode when project "goes live". Band aids and quick fixes are applied and you pack in a day’s work for some well deserved rest at the end of a long day – before you drag yourself to another day of fire fighting the next morning.

I have been through this, and it is too painful. It drains you of energy, efficiency, and creativity. You are driven passively to react to patching up instead of proactively creating, planning, implementing, testing, rolling out, tracking and reviewing projects that you are passionate about. Before long, you get de-motivated, exhausted and just “get carried along with the flow”. Alternatively you may decide to do something to break the cycle and go into productive, efficient and stress-free mode.

Fortunately you are your own manager; time manager, resource manager, risk manager, project manager, finance manager, marketing and sales manager, operations manager, business development manager all rolled into one whether you run your own business or not.  Yes, you are in control of your own life.

If you want to blaze the trail,
If you are working on getting more leads, more sales, more partners, more products to be created and
If you value ideas and multiple objective expert views from those who have "been there done that" (or "are there and doing that"), then
Reach out and join a mastermind group.
People who are like-minded gather regularly to share and bounce off ideas. If you have the motivation, the mindset that embraces change, and if you are looking for independent views and support then a mastermind group will serve you well.

There is a 70% chance that people will not reach their goals even if they fall within the 10% of the population that has some sort of goals. To be among the top 3% who achieve goals 89% of the time you need more than just having clearly define goals.

Awareness is a good start and desire is another great ingredient but if there is no implementation or if there is no objective external views, projects can get off course or downstream. Casualties arise and projects fail. In a mastermind group you are ready and open to consider others views and you hold yourself accountable to the targets you set. It is rather unlikely that one will show up week after week without working on their goals.

The structures that are built into the mastermind group support you as you work on your goals.  You take incremental and small steps every week and you achieve much more by chunking down your goals. You have others collaborating with you and giving you input on how you can enhance your project or what booby traps to watch out for.  And most importantly, you are serious about the goals you declare to the group and you work on them during the week.

If you do not want to end up like many who spend 90% of the time fire fighting and you are ready to take action then come join a mastermind group in your area, or one that meets over the phone from the comfort of your home. Blaze the trail with your creativity and intentions instead of being a fire fighter!

A word of caution though, not all mastermind groups are effective and respects your precious time. So if you want to invest your time and business in a mastermind group then find one that is lead by a professional mastermind leader who is trained to facilitate the group and who take care of the logistics so you can concentrate on the content and discussions.

I am opening up a mastermind group for professionals as well as solo entrepreneurs and service providers who are just starting out their home businesses and who want to increase productivity and releases unnecessary stress. If you are working on getting more leads, more sales, more partners, more products to be created then write to Contact@AbundantLivesCoaching.com before 25th Nov. 

I am offering a free month of  phone mastermind facilitation.  You decide if you want to continue with me after the initial month. More details will be given on the free orientation call on the 25th Nov at 8:30am US ET (check out the latest event). You can ask any questions and we will address that on the call. Write in and details of the call will be sent to you/  we will have a conversation on how this mastermind can help you set your blaze.

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