Who Is Stressed?

Or perhaps the questions should be "Who is Not Stressed?"   Everyone you meet will tell you they are stressed by one thing or another, at one time or another.  Who has not known stress?

What stresses you?   Common "stressors" I hear include:

–  "I have too much to do"
–  "I don’t have enough time"
–  "My children are not helping me"
–  "They are too demanding"
–  "They get into trouble all the time"
–  "I have poor health"
– " My work is very demanding"
–  "I am too old or too young or too inexperienced

You are the unfortunate victim.   But really why do these cause you stress? 

The same situation that stresses you could be the same situation that drives and propels others forward.   Same event different response.  Some people thrive on having lots to do with little time. They love it and function best under these circumstances.

You get my point.  

The external events, or situations are not the cause of the stress.    They are just there and are neutral.   It is how you interpret them that makes them either "stressors" or "motivators".   You are only stressed if you allow yourself to be stressed.

So what are you telling yourself everyday?  
How are you interpreting the events surrounding you?  

Perhaps it will be good to step back and ask yourself “why am I stressed?” and work through it rather than throwing up your hands in despair and say “I can’t!"  

The truth is you can!    You have much more that you see on the surface.   You just need to reach into your potential and overcome the sense of being stressed.

I am running a 4-week program in January 2009 on being stress-free.   If you think you may find this helpful,  hop over here and have a look.   I have tailored it for single moms   I can only imagine the amount of responsibilities and burden that are placed on them.   But the principals holds true for everyone.

If you would like to have some conversation on "stress" and how you can be "stress-free", register yourself for the audio and the short mini-ecourse that I have prepared for you here.  Just leave us your name and your email address.   You will be my VIP and get updates on free preview call and special time limited discount for my courses and program.    

I would love to have this dialogue with you and see how far you can go with a slight shift in your mindset.

Talk to you on the audio!


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