Divide And Succeed

I have been tweeting about my 30-Day challenge and was recently asked what that is. I then realize it has been some time since I last blogged!

OK, as some of you may know, I am part of a group that meets regularly, in fact weekly so I get to discuss my learning and challenges and get some strategies and support for moving forward. This is a time I look forward to, one of my "self-care" time.

During one of the calls a challenge was put forth that we will take up a project and use a 30-Day period to work on it. The rest of us in the group will support as we share our progress.

I jumped at the idea as I will not only have a support structure, I will also have master-minding from all these people who are also committed to my project. They will help me bring out the best in my project.

My first challenge was to come up with a part of a presentation, to practice it and present it to the group. The preparation was not too hard, the challenging bit was to present it in front of others. But because it is a supportive group, I soon forgot about nervousness and just got on with the presentation.

And I got instant, live feedback on how I can improve, in terms of the structure, the language to use, the tone, the ideas to implement and what to look out for and avoid. It was as though I had just paid to have a personal coach coach me on public speaking. It was awesome.  Great tips that I used for my drill to practice, practice and practice before the real presentation.  You can imagine how much confidence that built and I am so glad I took that project up.

And since then I was "challenged" again, to pick one project every 30 days and work at it.  At first brush it sounded daunting but when I think of the results I will get – 12 projects at the end of a year, I could not say no to this "bold request".

How many of us realize how we use our time? Before we know it, it's another year, and another year. I cannot believe that I left Hong Kong 12 years ago! Yet that is how much time has passed.  Looking back, I wish I had done more, yet I can but work on the present for the future.

Now if I don't mark my days carefully, more days will pass by without me knowing. And since I feel I have work to do here, I am thankful that I have an accountability structure to help me move towards my goal. In fact, I know have an accountability buddy to keep me on track – that is apart from my coach! It keeps me on track.

If you feel inspired to do the same then pick a doable project and concentrate on it for 30 Days. It will help you break down gigantic tasks into smaller chunks that you can work on. It is one of the techniques I teach to manage overwhelm too.

Work on the current step, and not look at the great leap forward. And if you are faithful with your little steps, you will be moving towards your goal without you realizing.  And the sense of stress will not be there – because your focus is on getting the current piece done, not on worrying about how to get to the insurmountable goal.

You are most welcome to share your project with me and we will encourage each other.  Feel free to share your thoughts and leave your comments below.  And if you like to have your own accountability partner and support system, feel free to join on here.  It does wonders to your progress.

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