Achieving Miracles

I had an experinece the past week that I want to share with you.

Besides having my own coaching practice, I do a little part-time work for the an International Coaching Academy. Last week, I received a call from the CEO. She was celebrating the great work we have been doing with me.

And without much preparation she sends me a surprise invite to a gathering in the US.

Part of me was rejoicing at the chance of meeting people I have been working with, another part of me was wondering how I am ever going to get a visa in 6 working days.

I told my CEO I need to move some mountains to make this happen.

It takes time for a Malaysian to apply for a visitor’s visa to the States. Especially when I am not in traditional full time employement. And being a single woman works against me here. And of course, we have the Easter holidays right in the middle of all this.

I made a quick call to a travel agent to enquire if he can get the visa done for me – express, pronto. I was told that I had to go to the Embassy and apply in person. There are 3 steps involved and each step takes processing time.

I was told not to get the flight ticket because it is unlikely that I will get the visa. I was also told that it is really difficult to get assistance and clarification on the Embassy dial in helpline.

I quickly wrote to my sis and share with her the good news. And I wrote that I need a miracle to make this happen.

My mind starts working and I start asking what are my options. How can I get myself there? What do I need to do? I started compiling all the documents I need (and do not have on hand). I charted out the time line, and it did not look optimistic. I was wondering what other options I have. What else can I do and whether there is another way.

Ater some frantic and intense search for documents, I lie down and took a rest. And as I was not thinking consciously it suddenly struck me that I had a visa from before. And I just wonder if I may be able to find that passport. And maybe that visa may just still be valid too?

And you can guess the rest of the story. Indeed I found my passport. And the visa is still valid – after all those years! My heart leapt, there is a chance. But wait, there’s just a slight problem – that passport has expired.

I called up the Embassy early the next morning. The call was promptly answered. Specific help was offered and confirmation given. I can indeed travel with that visa. My experience did not match the negative comments I hear and I am glad I did not let those remarks affect me.

Within one day I went from searching for an answer to celebrating – celebrating the spirit in me that does not give up. Ask the right question and you will get the right answer. What do I need to do to get what I want? Ask, and you will receive.

So instead of asking “why me? or “why such short notice?” in this specific case, try asking, “how can I make things happen?” ”What do I need to do?” and when that does not work ask “what else can I do to achieve my miralce?”

We are more powerful than we know we are. I encourage you not to bow down to circumstances or “limitations”. There are just there for us to get creative and start exploring and inventing. Look at it this way and you can turn every challenge into an opportunity for creative growth. Try it.

My teacher says “my choice determines my outcome” and I like to add “my questions determine my answers”.

Here’s to your creative questions and your creative miracles!

By the way, I believe in the miracle of bringing life out of death. And I believe in the miracle of transformation. So keep that hope soaring, you will
achieve your miracle.

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4 comments on “Achieving Miracles

  1. thank yoiu louisa.

    your story is beautiful, and the movie clip you put is one of my favorites. always always brings tears to my eyes.

    you will when you believe.

    thank you for that wonderful lesson.

    have a marvelous time in the states with the ICA.


  2. Indeed, Miracles do happen. I love what you said about asking the right questions…. You are a true coach Louisa.

    Let it be a memorable & enjoyable trip.

    Please liaise my best regards to ICA community in the States..

    much love

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