A Little Inspiration To Light Up The Darkness

Hi There, if you think that things are going south for you and you are in a funk, maybe a little inspiration will help motivate you.  Check this out.

Often we are surrounded by more blessings that we are conscious of.

And the irony is that the "blessing" can sometimes impair our awareness and consciousness – we "enjoy" what these blessings bring and lose awareness of what we have been blessed with and what we can do with these blessings – for others.

Perhaps it is time to shake off the self doubts, the ungrounded fears and yes even the self-pity. We have within us what we need to do what we desire. 

The question is what do you want to do with what you have? 

What difference can we make to those around us?

On the other hand, the less-than-blessed seem to come out shining, victorious and able to conquer the obstacles that many find overwhelming. Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying that this is always the case and I am not looking for challenges.  I am asking that we count our blessings, be grateful for what we have and use that to the fullest – for these gifts are bestowed on us for a purpose. 

How would you want to pass on the blesssing and light within you? And to whom?  
Look beyond and touch a life today, it will inspire you with greater motivation and joy. Live life abundantly!

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