Abundance or Self Limiting?

Have you ever tried sharing some new insights or experiences with others and got the answer “I already know that” before you can continue sharing?   And if you try to explain what it was that really excites you and you are dying to share the message so others will also benefit from it, you will get another “I know that!” only this time more emphatically.  “I know that long before you were even aware of this …..”. 

Is that abundance of knowledge or is that limiting ourselves to the knowledge we already know?  Do we know everything in all areas all the times?  Do we realise that we sometimes close the door of learning and opportunities upon ourselves?  Do we really know what others were going to share?   Will there not be new perspectives and insights from others’ experience that we can learn from?  Will there not be unique angles from others’ perspectives?  Does it occur to us that the world is constantly changing, evolving and things that we know may be phasing out?  Or that there are always another level to what we already know?

Self limiting thoughts has taken on another look.  It is not only present in those who lacks confidence and those who second guess themselves.   Self limiting thoughts have hit all of us who think we are the learned and who think “I already know that”.  Those words has prevented us from learning new lessons and reaching new potentials, flying far and wide. To the learned and know-it-all,  here’s a quote we can consider together.

“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”. — Eric Hoffer 

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