Here’s How I Learn …

So everyone wants to have a web presence.  And there are many ways one can do that; one can
outsource it to designers, one can start a blog or one can write one’s own html code  As with most things there are different pros and cons if you choose any of the above.  So what if I do a little bit of all the above since I am no tech whiz kid?  That’s my initial thought; start with something simple, have a blog and then progress to learning just enough about html editor to manage my own site.  Noble thought this. 

Little did I know that there is also a learning curve in blogging.  No, I do not mean that I don’t know what to write.  But how to I write using this blog application?   Where do I start?  How do I add a page?  And how is that different from a post again?  But I need a link and how do I …… and I don’t like the look of this  …… the list goes on.  And I am drowned in my own avalanche of questions.  So where to go from here?

“Take a deep breath”, my coach says and it will come easier if I relax a little.  Yes, I will take it a step at a time.  And for me, these will be tiny winy baby steps.  Baby steps are good, they move me forward while giving me the security of feeling the ground firmly beneath my feet.  Baby steps are also great because I can also plonk down on the ground and take a breather if I need to and I can grab onto some structures along the way to lend me some help to get to where I want to be.  I love baby steps.

Isn’t that how we learn?  Nothing is insurmountable.  We are all familiar with the Chinese proverb that says, “Journey of a thousand mile begins with a step”.  It does not even matter if that step is in the right direction.  It matters that we are taking that step and that we are willing to move out of our comfort zone into the learning zone and maybe even into the uncomfortably unpredictable zone.  I anticipate that I will be making a fair amount of mistakes, getting quite lost and having some adjustments to do and I know that this “mess” will only become clearer as I move along.  Somehow I will learn to befriend these internet monsters.

I want to fly but I know I must first learn the basics.  So I will experiment and practise and I will move towards my goal just a step at a time.  It is slow but it sure is movement nonetheless.  And so as I breathe in the hot humid Malaysia air and let it out, and as I relax,  I begin taking my baby steps on the long journey of trying to make sense of “widgets” and “pings” and “slugs”.  Bear with me as I take on this “mammoth” task but I sure am moving on …..

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