Stress Relief By Choosing What You Think About and Focus On

Have you ever felt that there has too much demand placed on you?   And that life has given you too little resources to handle those demands?   Were there doubts, worries, and fear that you may not be able to handle these demands?  

Let me share with you that whatever situation you are in, stress exists only in your head and only if you believe in fears and doubts.  
The thing that will keep you from being calm and performing at your peak will be what goes on in your head.

1.   You are what you think: If you think you can, you can because that’s what you are telling yourself.   You will gear yourself up for plans, actions and support structures.   If you think you can’t, well then, you can’t.   You have just programmed yourself for failure.    The battle has been lost in your head.

What you allow to grow in your head will take root and blossom.   If you feed your mind with fears and doubts, they will grow so out of proportion that all you see will be the negatives. Conversely if you see yourself succeeding and you spend energy and time working towards that goal, you are on your way to succeeding.

2. You are always right.   Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right!   So what do you want to tell yourself?   And how would you want to "program" yourself?

I invite you to be open and tell yourself that you can, you are capable, you are magnificent and perfect.    Then sit down and set some SMART goals, put in a workable plan – there is no short cuts.   Consider what needs to happen for you to succeed and include those in your plans and support structures. You will succeed.

3. Work on what you need to do now.   Once you have the plan, you need to work the plan. You don’t want to worry about what needs to be done later.   You have already worked that out – just follow the plan.   Moving ahead of yourself will not help.   Trying to do what comes next when you have not completed what needs to be done now will only bring anxiety.

4. Focus on doing just one thing, your current task.   When you are so concentrated and focus on the one task that is at hand you have no time or energy to worry about what comes next. Save yourself some stress, do just one thing at a time with 100% focus.   Trying to do more than one thing at a time too will not help.  You need to focus your all your energy and strength, they are very limited resource.   Worrying about the next step will only distract you from the task on hand.

If you just do the one thing now, you will be moving forward every day.    You will look back and be amazed at just how far you have come and how much you have accomplished.

5. You have much more power that you think you have.   Reach deep within and tap into your potential.   Allow the power to manifest as you work through your stress.  You can live a stress-free life, that is if you believe you can.

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