Fireworks To Welcome New Hopes In The New Year

fireworksThe highlights of New Year Count Down has got to be those fireworks. Cities around the world celebrated and welcomed the dawn of the new year with colorful and spectacular displays of fireworks.

What draw me to the fireworks are the colorful patterns and the sound of each blast as the flames shoot up to the sky. They rise up against gravity, they dispel darkness and give hope.  Young and old, we are drawn by these flames that twirl and dance their way up with the backdrop of the night.

Fireworks has come a long way since its invention in ancient China around the 12th century to ward off evil spirits.

I welcome 2010 with its new hopes, possibilities and opportunities.  And may we recall the magical displays of fireworks when we face darkness along the way.

Darkness is but the absence of light. Whatever shades of darkness surround you (and it will, for we live in a world of dualism), you can conquer it with being and doing the exact opposite.

Are you experiencing the darkness of doubts and fears?  Of violence and injustice?

Darkness can not be conquered with more darkness. There is no point in returning darkness with darkness. Where there is light darkness will give way. 

The darker the night, the brighter the stars will shine and the greater is the need to continue shinning.  That is the predicament.

My wish for 2010 and the new decade is that more will be drawn to making conscious efforts to continually shine and be a light "doing what they can, where they are, with what they have".

Happy New Year and Happy Shinning!

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